Today I decided to talk about something different when it comes to discussing about sport post in general. If you have been following up with my post you will see that most times, my post is about what is currently happening in the soccer ecosystem, like refering to matches played, players bought and sold, teams and also other related important things that for sure needs to be talked about. As for your information there is nothing bad talking about such things, they are all what makes the soccer ecosystem strong and in a very good and stable state. I must admit that deep down no matter what, I have seen that as a lover of sport, there is more benefit to it than just what we are seeing right now. The main reason why you see that when it comes to sport ecosystem we all can see that there is more money and attention being pushed into it is that, sport on it own is the medicine that we needs to pioneer our lives. You don't need to go to the medical field just to drink medicine and be healthy, those lives style are just temporary. If you wants to improve on your health you have to ensure that you take exercise very serious. Taking it very serious involves you making sure that deep down no matter what, ensure that you are making sure that you are exercising yourself. I must admit that since I have been in the sport ecosystem I have enjoyed every bit of it. Just like what I hinted above, it should be your medicine anytime any day, try take it serious.

Before I digresses further on this post, I just want to hint on it that when it comes to the sport ecosystem we should knows that spot in general is different from soccer or football, or basketball, Tennis, Long jump, short jump, swimming, Hockey, Archery, Badminton, Cricket, Bowling, Boxing, Curling, Tennis, Skateboarding etc. Sport is a big umbrella that covers everything related to movement and engagement of the body. The names of different sport out there are so numerous that I believe for sure that we can't mention them all. If we are to go into discussing about the different type of sport I believe that with this post I won't be able to covers them all. Sport is so broad to the extent that those into it mainly can't even name all the sport that we have out there. If I am asked to mention the type of sport that we have out there I will go with the little that I know.

The message that I am trying to pass out in the sport ecosystem which I wanted us to be enlightened about is that sport is different from soccer. We should knows what is sport so that we won't be confusing it with soccer. I have asked people in different occasions what is sport and they started talking about soccer. Just like the message that I am trying to pass above, if you are to take a proper look at what sport is with what I hinted above, you will see that sport is the umbrella which is holding all the rest activities together. It is just like saying this is my family but inside the family we have father, mother, uncles, cousins, unties etc. I believe with this we have understand what sport is to some extent.

Now that we have understood sport to this extent, let us talk about our favourite sport. I won't be talking much again, as for me I will let you guys knows that when it comes to sport ecosystem my favourite sport is soccer. I won't be talking much about this but there is something I will enlighten us about. Soccer and football is a different game but I have seen people relate it together. Football is being played with leg and hand and soccer is being played with just leg, this is what differentiate the two. If you pay attention to the soccer or football ecosystem you must have heard about American football. Well, not speaking much, I have stand on my ground by saying that soccer is my best sport out there. The amazing and fantastic moment that soccer entails is something more ordinary that I can even talk about. It is so interesting and fantastic that I am so happy being in such ecosystem.

As a soccer player, lover and fan, my main intentions is to somehow be a big player in the soccer ecosystem someday. I want my name to be heard like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Didier Drogba, Sadio Mane and host of other notable players out there. Nonetheless, I am still trusting the process that one day I will get those dreams achieved, for the main time I have to keep hoping. Soccer is definitely my best sport.

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I will end the post here, have a nice day guys.