If you take a closer look at things you will see that many people have played deaf ears to the Mohammed Salah saga right now, this is simply because they are feeling that the transfer windows when it comes to the English premier league and the Saudi Arabia professional premier league competition has ended, they believe that the interest Al-Ittihad showed in Mohammed Salah will be no more for the main time. So we are back facing what really matters right at this moment which is making sure that the Liverpool fc team wins every matches that comes their way.

Well, what I am still after is that deep down no matter what we all should knows that Mohammed Salah is a very good player and there is every tendency that we might not find a good replacement for him. I have checked from all over the world, being it North, South, East and West, there is no possible replacement out there for him. If you are watching closely you will discover that with what is going on with Mohammed Salah, we should knows that he might be departing come January transfer window. I just want us to face the reality right now. One thing that we should note is that Jurgen Klopp keeps saying it time without numbers that there is nothing good in keeping a player that is not happy, a player that wants to leave/depart. Since it is written all over Mohammed Salah and he wants to leave, he should be allowed to do so. We can't be keeping him seeing that he is no longer happy with the team he is playing for. Mohammed Salah is a rare gem player, loosing him will affect the team both positively and negatively. What matters to we all is seeing that he is happy wherever he went. At least he has tried for the team, Liverpool fc. If I am the one in charge of his deal I will let him go and use the money gained from his sales to develop the entire team. Imagine using the money to sign good players to the team, it will look as if we never lost a rare gem player. I think this should be a smart move if I am being asked.

If you watched closely you will discover that he has a year left in his contract, this means that if we don't act properly now, we will be the one to lost at the tail end. We all knows that the Liverpool fc team will never wants that to happen, this is why we should make sure that we use our head to think and not our leg or hand. What I mean is that we need to act fast in whatsoever thing that we are doing or else we will be the one to loose out at the tail end. With what I explained above, there is every tendency that if we sells him to Al-Ittihad come January transfer window and especially if it goes for that price or more, we will be the one to better our team in so many ways. That money will transform the Liverpool fc team to the highest level. If we wants to win trophies and qualifies for the Uefa champions league competition spot come next season. If we wants that to happen we have to get our team equip to the last. We have to do that by making good signings. At least we should be learning from the Manchester city tean and we will see that if we are prepared like them under Jurgen Klopp we will win any trophies that comes our way because we knows that Jurgen Klopp is a very good player.

Aside those plenty talk we should get prepared for January transfer window, if Mohammed Salah stick to Liverpool fc he should be celebrated, this shows that he will commit himself to the Liverpool fc team for every but if he moves, he is still our legend. One thing that I will say is that if for sure Mohammed Salah wants to say he will start by signing or extending his contract with the Liverpool fc. We are no longer kids, from what we are seeing Mohammed Salah might depart come January transfer window.

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I will end the post here, have a nice day.