We know all about our favorite players... or not? In this section of my blog we explored 10 curiosities that we probably did not know about our favorite sports stars. In this edition we will know more about one of the best footballers in history and one of the most beloved; the only, unrepeatable, incomparable, "O Fenomeno" Ronaldo Nazario.

  1. It was the most expensive signing in history.

After dazzling at PSV, Ronaldo signed with FC Barcelona in 1996. The club blaugrana paid about 2.500 million pesetas Spanish, which was equivalent to about 15 million euros. This made him the most expensive signing in history for that moment.

2. "The Fatty".

During his career, many made fun of him due to his constant and notorious weight gain, arriving to nickname "El chordito". The reality is that it was not physical neglect on the part of the Brazilian, but a disease that afflicted him. Ronaldo suffers hypothyroidism, a disease that slows down the metabolism and was the cause of their weight gain. This disease was one of the causes of his premature retirement, since to control the disease he had to take hormones that are prohibited in football.

3. He could never play in his love club.

From his childhood in his native Rio de Janeiro, Ronaldo was a fan of Flamengo. In his youth he came to be tested with the "Fla", but had to decline because transporting to the other side of the city for training was very expensive. Finally Ronaldo made his debut in Brazil with Cruzeiro and retired wearing the colors of Corinthians. Unfortunately for things in life "O Fenomeno" could not wear the colors of the club of their loves

4. He was crowned FIFA World Cup champion at 17 years old.

Thanks to his good performances in the Cruzeiro, Ronaldo won his call with Brazil to the 1994 World Cup. Finally the canarinha ended up becoming the world champion with Ronaldo in his squad, despite not having played a single minute in the World Cup. At that time it was known as "Ronaldinho", because there was another Ronaldo on the roster. The most curious of all is that Carlos Alberto Parreira, coach of Brazil, desisted from placing him in the final so that he would not break Pele's record.

5. The youngest Golden Ball in history.

In 1997 Ronaldo won his first Golden Ball, the most prestigious individual prize in the world of football. This feat was achieved by this feat with 21 years and 3 months, being the youngest player in history to raise this award. That year, in addition to the Golden Ball, he also won the FIFA World Player and the Golden Boot, after his spectacular campaign in Barcelona where he scored 47 goals in 49 games.

6. The pioneer of the boots.

Ronaldo was the first to play in history in wearing boots designed exclusively for him. Nike named them "Mercurial" and today they are still the flagship line of the company, being used by the greatest players on the planet.

7. A hairstyle with purpose.

At the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, Ronaldo wore a curious hairstyle. The reality is that that fringe had a special purpose. The Brazilian himself admitted years later that that daring look was so that his son could recognize him on television and not confuse him with Roberto Carlos. That famous fringe gave him luck and will remain forever in the World Heritage.

8. Scare in the 1998 France World Cup Final.

A day before the final, Ronaldo suffered a serious health problem that almost leaves him without contesting the World Cup final. Years later it was known that it was a heart problem. Ronaldo still managed to play the game, however his performance was clearly diminished and Brazil ended defeated 3-0 against host France.

9. Is a professional poker player.

The Brazilian star feels a great devotion for poker, to the point of becoming a professional in this sport after his retirement. Motivated by this, it is one of the advertising images of pokerstars.net

10. He never won the Champions League.

Perhaps the only blemish (if we can call it that) in Ronaldo's career is that he was never able to raise the Champions League trophy. It is curious that a player who won so many titles could never lift the Champions; but despite playing in big clubs like PSV, Barcelona, ​​Inter Milan, Real Madrid and AC Milan, he could never even play a final of the highest club tournament in the world.