In the blink of an eye we missed the 2018 World Cup in Russia. In addition to goals, controversies and a new world champion; This World Cup also left us brilliant individual performances. Some players coming from the beginning of the tournament we did not have in the papers, but with the course of it became true protagonists based on their good games. Today we will review those players who came to the World Cup without much sign, but who left him being recognized by the whole world of football.

Harry Maguire (England).

The English center back became one of the best defenders of the World Cup. Few we knew before the World Cup, since it plays in the modest Leicester. But a good season in the Premier League catapulted him directly to start with England. This 25-year-old defense has been a real surprise for me. It is true that it is not the most technical and clean defense, it is quite slow and rough in the game with the feet; but he is always well placed, he has a very important physique and never hesitates to use them in his favor, which makes him unbeatable in a melee. In addition, it is practically impossible to win an aerial ball, either in own or opposite area. Another thing that I liked about this defense is that it is not afraid to put its foot in when it is necessary, it knows when is the right moment to make a foul. It is not the stereotype of the modern defense, it is more a defense than before, but that does not mean it is very good; in fact thanks to his good performances he is in the sights of great English clubs like Manchester United and Chelsea.

Lucas Hernández (France).

Another of the great surprises of the World Cup. The Atletico Madrid youg player showed that he is up for big things and took over the left-handed side of France without anyone coughing. What surprises Lucas is his great physical ability, he has an important physicist together with a great speed that makes him unstoppable when he attacks. In addition, his knowledge of the position of center back makes it very good at the time of defending, something that adds a plus and that greatly helped the French successes in the World Cup. There is no doubt that Lucas was the good one of the Hernández brothers.

Sime Vrsaljko (Croatia).

Piece of World Cup has had the Croatian side back, was essential in the proper functioning of theirs. When he played in the Italian league he had seen him as a good side, but after his arrival at Atletico de Madrid, it was diluted a little. But this magnificent World Cup has revalued him completely and has given him a status of TOP side back, to the point of signing with Inter Milan. His amazing ability to reach the last line and join the attack has attracted the attention of several clubs, in a current football that is as scarce of quality laterals as him.

Benjamin Pavard (France).

The other French side back became one of the most pleasant surprises of the World Cup. This boy of just 22 years, 6 months ago played central defense in the modest Stuttgart of the Bundesliga; today he is world champion with France being his starting right-back. Truly, the story of this boy is impressive, he got on the list of Deschamps in the last exchange being virtually unknown. Even more surprising is when we see him being a starter and right-back, a position he does not ignore but knowing that his natural post is a central defender. Now, with his performance cleared any doubt because, despite not being the fastest, is incorporated as a gear to the offensive game of the team without losing at any time the defensive composure, is very good in the round trip of area to area. So good was his World Cup that Bayern Münich has practically tied him, attracted by his ability and versatility. I anticipate many good things for this boy, one of the most promising defenses in football.

Ante Rebic (Croatia).

The Croatian became one of my favorite players in the World Cup. His season at the modest Eintracht Frankfurt was very good, but he exploited his full potential in the Russian World Cup. A fast, skillful end, with a spark and a great dribble, that appears everywhere on the court, a tireless warrior. In the memory of all will be his goal against Argentina, as the most memorable memory of his great World Cup. His future seems far from Eintracht, as it has attracted the attention of big clubs in Europe.