This weekend I dedicated myself to see a little more of the Premier League and what seemed to be the match of the day: Arsenal vs Liverpool. And I must say that I was not disappointed, it was a real game of twists and turns with two propositive teams. But beyond the draw that the 'reds' draw at the Emirates Stadium, today I prefer to stay with the Arsenal game that continues to surprise me for good.

And is that since Unai Emery arrived at the bench of the 'Gunners' has been noticed a change in the team. I know many did not trust that Emery could do a good job at the head of Arsenal, due to the monumental failure that represented his time at PSG, in his first experience directing a big club. But the Spanish has managed to overcome the obstacles and initial doubts to be the first coach of the Post-Wenger era; and I must say that he has made this Arsenal one of the teams that plays best in England.

The surprising thing is that if you look at the template, it is not too different from what Wenger had last season. However, from the game if there has been a major change. Unai Emery has managed to inject his style of play into the players and has managed to make this Arsenal have a surprisingly strong defense, to then throw deadly counterattacks with his fast strikers. The only thing that could criticize this team is that they have the urgent need to hire a better goalkeeper, because Leno leaves many doubts in the goal. The truth is that I would never have taken the title from Petr Ceh, but these are things that the Basque coach can correct in the future.

Something that draws my attention is that the first thing Emery did was look for the signing of a Uruguayan boy who has become the owner of the team's midfield: Lucas Torreira. The hiring of this guy has been the great success of Arsenal, because it has become a fundamental pillar of the good walk of the team.

And here I must emphasize the good eye of Unai, because he just arrived corrected one of the big mistakes that Wenger committed for many years and was the lack of a defensive midfielder of first level. Since the departure of Vieira Arsenal did not have a '5' quality and was something that always recrimine Wenger, because I think it is an indispensable concept in any successful team. Because of this, we felt that the midfield of Wenger's Arsenal always lacked something, that touch of balance that would lead to success and be complemented with the rest of talented midfielders.

And this is where the Uruguayan Torreira enters into action. And excuse me, but I must dedicate a separate paragraph to this great player because he is a real phenomenon and has become the best player on his team. In spite of his short stature, he is the motor of the team recovering balls and delivering them of clean form, is the soccer generator. When he was playing in Sampdoria, the president of his club said that if he measured 20 centimeters more it would cost more than 100 million euros. Well, apparently until now it seems that Torreira will not have the need to grow much more to achieve that valuation in the market, because the performance that is reaching in the current season is simply brutal. When I learned of his signing for Arsenal, I dared to say that he would become the best midfielder in the Premier League and that it would be a sort of " white N'golo Kanté". So far the Uruguayan has not done more than give me the reason, because much of the change of face of this Arsenal part from his feet.

But beyond the game, one notices a different attitude in the players and even in the same fans can be perceived. It seems to see them play with enthusiasm, with courage, with desire and, above all, with a lot of faith. If we remember the last years of Wenger's Arsenal, the team was made in the image and likeness of Wenger: heartless, cold breasts, apathetic, soulless, monotonous, sad. However, this season we have seen a completely different Arsenal from the attitude, a team that plays well, solid, that knows what it plays, that does not shrink before the big ones, happy ... that's the word. For the first time this team and its fans transmit me the feeling of happiness. And I do not mean the happiness of a title or an important victory, it's something different. I feel that this team does illusion.

It seems that for the first time in a long time the players of the Arsenal believe from the heart that they are for important things. Because before, although the team was among the first positions (many times in the first place) and chaining an important winning streak; the players, the fans and we all knew that nothing was going to happen. That it was only an illusion and then Chelsea, United, City would come and they would end up winning the Premier League; while the Arsenal would be relegated to the "comfort zone of Wenger" called direct access to Champions, with a sickly conformism.

But this new arsenal transmits completely different sensations. I feel that if any of the above is neglected, this team will take the championship point by storm and not let go until they are crowned as Premier League champions.* And when analyzing all this, to see the current situation of Arsenal and the change that has represented compared to the past seasons I realize that the problem was always Arsene Wenger, who made club wasted 10 years of his glorious history.