2018 was a year that gave us a lot of things to all football fans. Among those things, many big goals that deserve to remain in our memory forever. Today we will review the 10 best goals of the year 2018, chosen by your humble server.

10)Aaron Ramsey vs CSKA Moscow.

Aaron Ramsey vs CSKA Moscow

Ramsey is a player who in recent times has been characterized by scoring a good number of goals despite being a midfielder, but one more beautiful than the other. In this opportunity was the Europa League the frame where Ramsey gave us a real goal. After unmarked and receiving a pumped pass, the Welshman resolved in the best way a pass that took him in an awkward position. Ramsey was suspended in the air and with great technique hit the ball with an air backheel so that it ended up bathing the goalkeeper and sneaking into the back of the net.

9)Ivan Rakitic vs Tottehham.

This goal may not be the most striking, but it has a unique complexity beauty. What makes this goal beautiful is not only the fact that it was a volley, but the way Rakitic splices it perfectly in the air with a Karate Kid movement. In addition, the fact that the Croatian came in the race at the time of finishing makes it more colorful and difficult. Simply an unstoppable goal for a great goalkeeper like Lloris.

8)Giovani Lo Celso vs Lille.

When I see this exquisite technical demonstration of Lo Celso against Lille I ask myself "What the hell was PSG thinking when he sold Lo Celso to Betis? Delicatessen of the Argentine on the edge of the area bathe the goalkeeper and placing the ball in the angle to complete a masterful definition that could not be outside our TOP.

7)James Rodríguez vs USA.

Speaking of exquisite shooting techniques, comes to our count James Rodriguez. The Colombian has one of the most educated left-handed legs in all of world football and showed it once again in this friendly match against the United States. From the apex of large area, at an angle that was not the most flattering; James knelt his foot to give a devilish effect to that ball and hang it delicately in the corner of the goal.

6)Benjamin Pavard vs Argentina.

In our count we could not miss what was undoubtedly the best goal of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. This work of art is signed by Benjamin Pavard, who gave it to us in the Round of 16 against Argentina. The young French defender came as a flash from behind to hit a ball that seemed lost. With a perfect hitting technique and from the apex of the big area, he joined it in a difficult body position so that the ball ends up hanging from the angle, being unattainable for the Argentine goalkeeper. An authentic goal worthy of a World Cup.

5)Gareth Bale vs Liverpool.

The first of the biclycle kicks in this count. Not a Hollywood writer could write a better outcome for the story that was lived in the Champions League final in Kiev. Bale enters of change and in the first ball that touches a historical bicycle kick that leaves the goalkeeper undaunted and that meant the victory and the title for his team. This goal combines the technical quality of Bale to make this maneuver and the context in which he was; unbeatable ingredients to make a goal that will simply go down in history.

4)Ignacio Scocco vs Olimpo.

We could not miss in our count a classic "Maradonian" goal. On this occasion it was Ignacio Scocco who delighted us with an authentic goal with the River Plate shirt. The Argentine left scattered on the floor to whatever defender got in his way to the goal, zigzagging with a great demonstration of quality to finally also remove the goalkeeper to score the goal of his life and one of the best of 2018.

3)Everaldo Stum vs Necaxa.

The Liga MX always gives us real goals and in this year 2018 was no exception. In this opportunity the commissioned was the Brazilian Everaldo Stum with an anthology biclycle kick. Even though Everaldo did not reach an elevation as impressive as Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo did in their goals, it is still a beautiful goal. The most striking thing about this move is the chest control prior to the maneuver, with which the ball is accommodated to execute its shot. In addition, it is worth noting the place where the arch ends up entering that ball; they just kill me the goals that go to the angle.

2)Giorgian de Arrascaeta vs América Mineiro.

Do you know what I love most about the Uruguayan goal? That is not a luxury, but a technical resource used in its highest expression. De Arrascaeta delighted us with a simply sublime and beautiful goal from wherever you look. And I say it was a resource because the Uruguayan was stepping on the area in the race and the center he received was left behind. What was his solution? There was no other option but to throw this spectacular scissors that left us all with our mouths open. Simply a goal that we must stand out among the best of 2018.

1)Cristiano Ronaldo vs Juventus.

Is there any doubt that this is the best goal of the year 2018? Not only was it the best of the year in the world, but it is also the best bicycle kick goal I've seen in my life, the most beautiful. If I had to explain to some extraterrestrials that she is a Chilean, I would show them this goal of Cristiano, because he simply executed it perfectly. His leg movement at the time of impacting the ball, his supernatural elevation over his rivals, the unreachable place of the arch where the ball was thrown; everything in that goal was just perfect. If we also add that it was in the UEFA Champions League Quarter Finals against Gianluigi Buffon, we would say that it is an abuse. So spectacular was the goal scored by Cristiano that I, Turin and everyone had nothing to do but stand up and applaud this crack and his masterpiece. I was so affected by this goal that I had to write a poem to get everything I had inside at that time. Nobody but Cristiano Ronaldo, the best scorer in the history of mankind, could score such a great goal. The best goal of 2018, the best of his career and the best bicycle kick in the history of football.

The next time that FIFA wants to choose the best goal of the year, call me first. That's how they make sure they do not make a fool of themselves the way they did this year by embarrassingly rewarding Salah vs. Everton's goal as the best of the year. Every time I remember that I can not help but laugh. But that has been left behind, now we have started with all this new year 2019 that will continue to delight us with goals and more goals worth remembering.