A well-earned free kick is as beautiful as the most beautiful of works of art. The reality is that the set pieces require a player with a masterful punch and an outstanding technique. There are certain players touched by the soccer gods who have been gifted with a special ability for this type of play, those who when they stand in front of the ball with their eyes on the opposite goal, you know they have half a goal in their pocket. For that reason, today we will review the 5 best free kicks shooters of world football.

5) Marcos Alonso (Spain, Chelsea FC).

It is rare to see a side back shooting free kicks on a team, but when we have a side back like Marcos Alonso it is necessary to make an exception. The Spanish has a great deal of set pieces. It is capable of hitting it hard at mid distance, like hanging it in one of the angles with a subtle twisted touch impossible for the goalkeeper.

Marcos Alonso vs Bournemouth

4) James Rodríguez (Colombia, FC Bayern Münich).

There is no doubt that the Colombian has to be one of the best passers in the world of football. When James takes the ball from the sideline, you know that it will undoubtedly end up in the head of a teammate and, therefore, in goal. James has a left leg educated and where he puts his eye, there he puts the ball. And when it comes to shooting free kicks, the story is not very different. James was one of those who lived in the shadow of Cristiano Ronaldo in Real Madrid at the time of shooting free kicks. However, every time I had the opportunity to shoot, it did not fail. And thanks to his impeccable punch, the Colombian has placed himself with honors among the best free kicks shooter in the world.

James Rodríguez vs Getafe

3) Miralem Pjanic (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Juventus).

The Bosnian is a player who often goes unnoticed, but who is probably the best shooter of right-handed free kicks in the world. Pjanic owns an exquisite punch, a free kick on his feet is synonymous with a goal. His specialty is the fouls at close range of the arch. Pjanic reminds me of the best Pirlo, caresses the ball giving him a divine thread and we can only watch as the ball enters in slow motion at the back of the net; while the goalkeeper looks dumbfounded without being able to do anything as the ball hangs from the angle. Both in Lyon, as in Rome and now in Juve; having Pjanic shoot the free kicks means preparing the throat to scream goal.

Miralem Pjanic vs Switzerland

2) Paulo Dybala (Argentina, Juventus).

Paulo Dybala is known as "La Joya", but I believe that the real jewels are his free-throw charges. Dybala has become a true specialist, in imitation of his idol Messi. Last season we could notice as the Argentine take over of free kicks profiled for left-handed and got to score a very important amount of goals in this way. Whether strong and threaded or soft and at an angle, with his young age Dybala has learned to master all shooting techniques. And it seems that his progression in this aspect is not close to stopping.

Paulo Dybala vs Lazio

1) Lionel Messi (Argentina, FC Barcelona).

It could not be another who occupied the top on this list more than the best player in the world. It is almost an abuse that Messi, besides being the best of all, is also the best shooting free kicks. Simply its stuck has no comparison in the world of football. When there is a frontal fault for Barcelona a generalized "ayyy" is heard, because everyone knows that if the ball does not end at the bottom of the net it will be a miracle. I admire Messi a lot in this aspect, because it was something that for years it cost him a lot and required a lot of practice on his part. I find it unlikely to think that the boy who sent the ball to the 5th amphitheater of the stadium in the America Cup 2011 vs Ecuador, is the same one and a half months later he left Iker Casillas motionless in the Spanish Super Cup. The numbers of Messi shooting free kicks are simply rude. In the last 5 seasons he has scored 25 goals in this way, which gives us an average of 5 per year. And this without counting that in the few games that go of this season has already scored 2 free kick goals. Above the barrier, below the barrier, to the keeper's pole, strong with a thread, delicately and hanging in the corner; Messi in a specialist in any of these modalities, which makes him by far the best kicks shooter in the world. And that is something that will not change very soon.

Lionel Messi best free kicks