Miroslav Klose

Miroslav’s parents were Polish immigrants. Josef Klose was a footballer and his mother was a handballer. But they would like their son to practice quite another way. The young man was to receive a working education. His parents consider that such specialization will always provide him with money and won’t leave on the street. Being a teenager Klose attended the carpenter's courses, learned to cut wood and in the interval between classes went to a football school. At the age of 21 Miroslav successfully combined masonry with football, scoring 11 goals in a season. Putting goals in the opponents' gate for the German forward was just as easy as putting the bricks. At the age of 36 he became one of the best scorer in the world. 

Edin Dzeko

The way from an simple Bosnian boy to a world-class striker took Edin more time than his current companions. When he was 19 years old he was Zheleznichar midfielder from the second Czech division. Sergio Aguero at the same age played the Atletico squad and Jesús Navas scored for Seville. But in 2007 Edin signed a contract with Wolfsburg, then ManCity and finally Roma. Since 2007 he didn’t leave the VIP zone of Europe football.

Didier Drogba

At an early age Didier left Côte d'Ivoire and moved to France. There he lived without his parents. His uncle was the only person who helped the future football star. Drogba was in constant search of work and in the evenings he played for amateur teams. It is noteworthy that at that time he often appeared on the field as a defender. At the age of 21 Didier went to Le Mans to receive an accounting education and there he decided to try to go to the local club of the same name. Didier had no experience in professional training and it took him four years to get used to the schedule. Having signed the first professional contract at 21, Didier began to progress quickly. After four years at Le Mans, in 2003 the forward moved to Marseille for € 6 million. Drogba scored 32 goals per season. And Roman Abramovich and José Mourinho paid attention to his person. They were just starting to build their project at Chelsea. As a result, the Blue paid Marcel € 38 million for the striker. By that time Drogba had only been playing football at the pro's level for six years. And became a real star at Chelsea.

Peter Schmeichel

The future winner of the Champions League was fond of music and dreamed about the career of a rock star when he was a teen. Football was just a hobby and training removed much less attention than rehearsals. After growing up, Peter got a job at the factory and then got the position of an advertising manager and he almost did not think about the career of a professional player. When he was 22 years old he quit his career at the semi-amateur club Gladsaksa and soon found himself in the club Vidovre. In the highest Danish football division. In his first professional season Peter was declared as an attacker and even managed to score several goals. After Peter finally changed the position on the field his career went up. He transferred to Brondby and became the four-time champion of Denmark and then Alex Ferguson noticed this amazing footballer and invited the player to Manchester United. There he won 15 trophies and many personal awards, including four titles to the best goalkeeper in Europe and two titles to the best goalkeeper in the world.

Vinnie Jones

At the age of 12 Jones was expelled from the Watford academy, without seeing any prospect in Vinny. After that he lost the desire to train and didn’t play football for the next seven years . At the age of 19 he started playing for the amateur Weslston. Soon he became a player of Wimbledon and won the main trophy in the history of the club - the FA Cup in 1988.