Although the board of directors of Real Valladolid opened a file for Borja Fernandez last Friday, the president of the same council, Ronaldo Nazario, ate this Monday with Borja himself in Madrid. It was a relaxed meeting and in which Borja explained what happened to the highest shareholder of the Valladolid set at first hand, insisting on his innocence. The file was motivated by the indication of the Compliance Officer and with the aim of avoiding any legal problem to Real Valladolid as a company. In fact, Borja had proof prior to the publication of the announcement of the opening of the file of both the event itself and the statement that was to be issued by Real Valladolid. The good relations between the player and the club, and in particular with Ronaldo, have not been altered by everything that happened during the last dates. In addition, Ronaldo ratified Borja Fernández the intention that the Galician, who announced his retirement just a few weeks ago , I became part of the organization chart of the blanquivioleta club. Touch, yes, wait for the resolution of Borja's situation, which on Friday left the Palace of Justice in Huesca released on charges.

Valladolid recognizes the visit of Raul Bravo in January The information from El Mundo about the alleged Royal Customs Valladolid - Valencia makes reference to Raúl Bravo held a meeting at the offices of José Zorrilla Stadium in January. Sources of the Real Valladolid have confirmed that the presumed leader of the plot was in those dates in the stadium, but they assure that it was a visit far from the character that gives to understand the investigation, like they acknowledge having proof that Raúl Bravo months postulating to train in the lower categories of Real Valladolid, question that according to Borja declared in his first interrogation motivated his encounter with Bravo in the Corinth bar days before the game against Valencia.