The pupils of José Luis Martí stormed out. They wanted to finalize the match as soon as possible so as not to have any jump and scare at the end. The local box repeated the eleven that tied in Elche. The first moments the slogans of the Galicians were clear: balls to the area to try that the visitors failed. But soccer is very capricious and in Riazor this season even more. A counter made by the Cordoba after a great center Fernandez the French Bodiger made Dani Giménez looked after a great header. The first warning of the Andalusians aroused an almost full Riazor. The tier in this type of matches is key. The Cordoba maintained the type despite the environment. However, the first big chance would come in the 15th minute. Play in the small area between Saúl and Pedro Sánchez that Abad took a prodigious hand. The goalkeepers were being protagonists. Maybe it was part of the script that all the attendees wanted.

psychological ools The party had no clear owner. The local domain struggled with the dangerous contras of Navarro's team. Riazor was impatient. The goal did not come. One Explosion Expósito did not measure up and asked for several balls that facilitated very dangerous counterattacks. The Dépor continued percussing with balls to the area. I wanted to score the first goal before the break. But he could not knock down the Andalusian wall until on the less clear occasion, a rebound left Borja Valle without a mark that pushes the net in the goal line. The second half started just as the first one finished. The Dépor and the Córdoba had clear chances to score, and the effectiveness fell back to the blue and white side. Piovaccari shot the crossbar in a great pass from Bodiger. And on the next play a great shot from Pedro Sánchez from outside the area materialized the second goal of the night. Riazor celebrated a game with goals. It had been a long time since Riazor had a comfortable game on the scoreboard. Thinking of the playoffs, Martin saw it clearly and made two changes already thinking about the playoffs. The Argentine Nahuel and Canarian Gomez entered for Fede Cartabia, very incisive throughout the match and Carlos Fernandez. The Cordoba was already lowering his arms. In the last fifteen minutes football was hardly played. Marti's instructions were to control the game without having to worry. The defensive changes of the technician did not like the tier. Deportivo signed José Luis Martí to put him in the playoffs. So far it has succeeded. Now he will have to fight for the goal of the promotion. For its part the Cordoba says goodbye to Second in a dignified manner. Closes a game with several clear chances of goal and getting into trouble in some phases of the game against Deportivo.