Although Holland won its first World Cup match on Tuesday (0-1) against New Zealand, the feelings left by the team of Sarina Wiegman were not to take rockets. So Holland came out with a head to his clash against Cameroon, a head that Veenendaal missed. Because when the result was already smiling to the Dutch, a bad start of the orange goalkeeper joined to a great head control Onguene returned to put the tables in the bright. As we say this was the equalizer, which came very shortly after that Miedema-at last-opened the can. The front appeared as the killer that is to top off a powerful center that Van de Sanden got into the heart of the area. The Olympique player pulled speed to get away from his pair and even gave him time to make a wall with Groenen before centering. Everything that had not happened in the first 40 minutes, happened in the last five.

This way, the break was reached and the second part was reached, in which the defensive error was a Cameroon thing. It was not his goalkeeper, but his back. What would the defenders do to leave Bloodworth alone in a free-kick. There was the center, near the goal line, and there came a rejection, perfect to send it to the networks without any opposition.