Mauricio Pochettino appeared at the press conference prior to the Champions League final between Tottenham and Liverpool. The Argentine coach analyzed the clash of Wanda Metropolitano.About the lineup and KaneNo. I've said it before, I do not know. We have a training now and then we will decide later. On the line-up "It's normal that you ask me, it's not easy to be in my coach in this situation and it will not be easy to make that decision, nor was it easy in the quarterfinals, semifinals ... In each game you have to take them and we'll have to be Sure to have as much information as possible It's complicated because in these games they can only play 11. A week ago I proposed all the players all together and I have proposed it to UEFA and both teams will have the option to do so. We have to show the positive values ​​of football, the collective and that the 25 players are important, we play before thousands of people, the strength of those who do not play will be important. They will encourage us from the bench, since we started playing in all those phases you are training and you know who is going to play but everyone must respect each other, they are hard decisions to make but it is part of my job and I have to keep in mind the main objective of winning. "About the final We started preparing the final after Everton. After Ajax we were focused on the Premier trying to finish in the best possible way. The goal was to be among the first four. It has been an incredible journey. We enjoyed this process very much. Everyone was fully willing to work and to any response. Ready to run, compete ... We know each other perfectly. We want to win. They are the best English team next to City, they have competed for the Premier and a year ago they were in the final. Klopp is a fantastic technician, he has a lot of merit and Liverpool too. We are going to enjoy and we want to win to write our story. And for that we must win. "

About the eliminatory City and Ajax spectacularThe finals are prepared differently at the mental level, concentration ... The most important thing is to try to have a model and use it for the future. A model that is used for important matches. And that improves the capacity. But the most important thing in the final is to be prepared. Go back that emotion of a few weeks ago. If we go to training and copy what we're going to do ... the players close. They have it in mind and it is normal that they do not want to hear anything because they are concentrating on the game. When you are with stress ... you need to feel safe. And when there are thousands of people seeing you more. You must play as when you are a child and play with freedom. Do not think that thousands of people are watching you. You have to go out and enjoy. Liverpool will come out to fight but we will try to do better. "