The disappointing end of the season of Barcelona will have consequences. He will not assume the bench, Ernesto Valverde continues, but the costumes. Josep Maria Bartomeu, and also a good part of his Board of Directors and of the Sports Direction, considers that the time has come to get his hands on the Culé team. And a way to pressure the players to perform better, assume the pressure of wearing the Barça shield and understand what it means to play at the Camp Nou is to sign high-level players in their position so that they notice the competition and stop feeling untouchable pieces in the Txingurri scheme. Bad times come for the sacred cows of Barcelona. With the exception of Messi and Ter Stegen, there is no player who can be calm. Not only because the directive wants to do a good clean this summer, but because it is determined to sign players of great level and prestige, which also logically implies a large outlay of money, so that some of Valverde's fixed so far are no longer so much so and know that they have to earn their place. The technician will have more options to choose when making the alignment. The leaders believe that this is a first and great step for the block to overcome this fiasco at the end of the season, which they also blame on the dressing room.

Men like Jordi Alba, Luis Suárez, Gerard Piqué, Busquets or Rakitic knew, until now, essential and essential in the Azulgrana eleven. But they will not be anymore. The Board is looking for quality spare parts, not only because everyone has reached an age, they have already reached the age of 30, but also because the offices of Camp Nou consider it the best way to offer their best version and performance.

Thus, Jordi Alba, who this season has participated in 36 of the 38 LaLiga games, will have to win the place in 19-20. It is the incorporation that more headaches will give to the Sports Direction. The technicians know it. It is a complicated position and most teams do not walk, much less, plenty of cash, and hence its price is especially high. But the executives are clear that they should tear their pockets to reinforce this demarcation. A medium-low profile reinforcement will not arrive. They will sign a prominent footballer who competes with Jordi Alba for the titularidad.De LigtIn the same situation are the rest of players until now considered sacred cows. De Jong, already signed, will embarrass fundamental players like Sergio Busquets or Rakitic, if the Croatian international does not leave the Camp Nou this summer. But a decisive man can not relax in the Barcelona side: Gerard Piqué. The entity is confident that finally the arrival of De Ligt and the Dutch central accepts the offer azulgrana. The Ajax player would be a serious threat to the continuity and ownership of Catalan, which has some detractors in the offices for how they affect their professional activities outside football to their performance on the lawn.

The board also assumes that you have to hit the table on the offensive line. Luis Suárez, who did not like his decision to have surgery, needs a replacement, for age and to stimulate his performance. The club understands that it must make a significant economic effort in that position. Rodrigo is an option. The che complicaría the position to the Uruguayan, friend of Messi.