The ratification of Bartomeu: "I have not heard it, if you say it ..." The match: "They have a great backlash and they have been effective, we played in their field, we arrived very easily to the areas of the area, but we lacked the spark to finish the plays, in an imbalance they made us the first goal and the second goal in a counter, then in the second part we turned over ". The two strikes from Liverpool and Valencia: "The matches are different, the reality is that one month we celebrate the LaLiga title ... We have created an expectation and we have not been able to finish it off, winning everything is what we all want. in the skin of the winner, but one always has to lose "

The lack of a 9: "It has been Aleñá who has entered the field in the final moments, the coach is deciding." Do you feel you have the strength to continue ?: "Coaches are always willing to turn things around, if you give me a choice between falling in the final or falling into the quarterfinals, I prefer to fall in the final. to choose between falling in the semis of Champions or in quarters, I prefer to fall in semis ".