Chelsea's football club announced its decision to part ways with its manager, Frank Lampard. At the beginning of the season,The management and fans were delighted with his ability to guide the team to a top four finish amidst the transfer ban and the exit of Icon Eden Hazard. Having signed players this season, many expected the blues to challenge for the top spot in the English Premier League table. It is disappointing that the blues sit outside the top floor. Roman Abrahimovic, the club major shareholder, known for his quickness to fire non-performing managers was expected to pull the trigger before this year started. He gave the Champion league winner more time considering his legendary status. The management had to send a touching exit message to the former Chelsea player.

Frank Lampard stay had its high and low moment. One aspect I admire about him is his decision never to critique his players in public earned him my respect. He was always quick to protect Kepa Azzabalanga from his numerous blunder. Like every human, he had his own shortcomings which ultimately led to his downfall.

(1) Favoritism has no place in the discharge of official duties ; one should not draft a team based on am tribalism. The office is not a place to show patriotism.

Frank Lampard decision to give young players more playing time on assumption was applauded by fans. On close examination, the four youth players he promoted to the senior squad; Tomori, James, Abraham and Mason Mount are all British. Players like Kennedy, Athampadu and Pasalic were not considered good enough. When one adds Lofty Cheek, Barkley and Charlie Hudson to the list, the total number of English players in the squad was way high. He was sentimental in selecting his players. It was like he was coaching the England youth team. The message was clear, England First. It seems he felt foreigners were taking over the English Premier League. Non-English players did not feel a sense of belonging.

(2) Hide your precious tool from the public :Every father has that child he loves most. Wise fathers try not to make it glaring. Rather, he is more critical of that special one. In the Bible, Jacob could not hide his special affection for Joseph. The other children grew Jealous and conspired to sell their brother.

Lampard did not hide his special admiration for Mason Mount. He took him favored tool to derby and back to Chelsea. Mount had the highest appearance than any other player since his debut. The other players were professional enough not to conspire to injure him during training or begin to hate the player for no fault of his.

(3) Build a positive relationship with the senior staff ; The senior staff is anyone who has worked for up to four years in the organization. He could be the security man or the secretary. They know the in and out of the organization. They have watched leaders get hired and fired.

Frank Lampard focused on the youth and new players. Senior players felt they may lose their job someday. Ngolo Kante has gone further down the pecking order in holding the captain arm band since Chelsea signed Thiago Silva. He started to play like one who lacks motivation. Senior players could tell him the impact of some decision on the team, but they can only do that to a leader they trust.

(4) Power belong to the team : A leader is as strong as his followers. There can be no shepherds without sheep but there can be sheep without shepherds.

When a leader becomes bent on having his way that he ignores the senior players, the players may choose not to obey his instructions on the pitch. After all, they are human.

(5) The goal is what counts A leader can bend the rules. Provided, he gets the job done.

Chelsea has a culture- To win-. The moment the leader is not achieving that, he gets kicked out. It doesn’t matter your status as a legend or a manager.