Ever since the shortlist for the UEFA best player was released, my ears have not rested. 

People have said all sort of things that are reasonable and some are sentimental. I have heard so many things relating to who should be on the shortlist and who should not.

 I'm sorry to say this but some fans of messi in my area are becoming too aggressive, some are saying, Messi deserves a spot on the list over other footballers but I'm glad that some other fans of Messi have exhibited sportsmanship. 

I totally agree that Messi had a successful season but that doesn't mean that Modric, Ronaldo and Salah didn't have a successful season too.

I would agree that Messi's exploits were mostly in the domestic league, compared to the efforts of others in the Champions League and World Cup. 

Please I'm not saying that Messi doesn't deserve a spot on the list but I'm just saying we shouldn't base our arguments on sentiment. 

I know as a fan, you will always want your side or your player to win but this is football and you shouldn't be expecting that always and this is one of those times. 

The only thing can help us to get together again is exhibiting sportsmanship.