The last season of the mega-successful series Game of Thrones, in which the fantasy world of Westeros is about the fight on the iron throne, is currently running on various pay-TV channels.

The fight for the German championship in the German Bundesliga is not as bloody as it might seem. Nevertheless, the title race is more exciting than it has been for a long time. After six consecutive championships for FC Bayern, most of which were decided long before the end of the season, this year there will be a head-to-head race between Bayern and Borussia Dortmund.

In the last few weeks it has even been a snail race between the two teams, who in turn have a comfortable advantage over their rivals. One had the impression in the past weeks that neither of them really wanted the championship. The results of both opponents were too mixed.

The highlight was Lucien Favre when he lost the championship prematurely to Schalke 04 after his home defeat in the derby. When the Bavarians, for their part, only drew 1 FC Nürnberg the following day, the Swiss had to listen to some criticism from the fans and the rest of the football world.

The starting positions for the coming weekend and the showdown are as follows.

The Bavarians are two points ahead of BVB 09 in the table and thus have everything in their own hands. In the home match against Eintracht from Frankfurt a draw is probably enough because of the much better goal difference to the seventh championship in a row. However, Eintracht still has a chance of a Champions League place with only one point behind and will probably try everything to win in the Allianz Arena. Since at the same time in Borussia Park the foal team from Gladbach is playing against the BVB and a defeat of the Gladbachers is not excluded, Eintracht has good chances to slip into the CL places up there. But at the same time the works team from Leverkusen would have to lose in Berlin for this scenario to take place.

The BVB, as mentioned above, have a difficult away game in Mönchengladbach, which in turn want to consolidate and defend their current CL place. After a very weak second half of the season, the Gladbach side broke away from the results crisis last Saturday in Nuremberg and regained their self-confidence.

The BVB hopes for the return of Marco Reus and the experience of Mario Götze in the title fight. Marco Reus returns to the squad after the red ban and wants to celebrate his first championship title with the BVB. Götze's cup case, on the other hand, is already full to bursting and he knows what is important in the showdown. Only a victory in Gladbach can help the BVB to keep the title chance, but the BVB must also hope for a slip of the Bavarians and a highly motivated Frankfurt team, after the end in the Europa League, which still has the chance to get a CL place.

In short - on Saturday the Bundesliga in the upper third of the table will once again be extremely exciting between 15:30 and 17:15.

Let's look forward to it and let the games begin.