In Franconia they say "the Glubb is a dork". You love and hate the FCN, you celebrate and suffer with it. However, the days when you celebrate with the club have become very rare for years or decades. Most of the time you suffer more as a fan of the FCN, once so "glorious".

A few months ago, the record ascent to the Bundesliga was celebrated. Today, a few months later, however, the club again puts one to the test of patience and the FCN fan suffers like a dog.

Since the home win against the Fortuna from Düsseldorf, no trio could be run in and celebrated. The appearances of the team were partly very mixed and the results sometimes violent. The team around Hanno Behrens cannot be denied the will, the boys work, fight and hit each other, but it is not enough for the highest German league. The biggest club fan is now also aware of this.

The way into the 2nd Bundesliga seems inevitable and for the boys probably also the best to be. In the 2nd league the team can attack again and the players can get self-confidence again. The club has the opportunity to strengthen the squad both in width and depth. The additional millions from the one-year guest appearance in the Oberhaus will definitely help FCN to further consolidate its finances.

Finances are a good catchword. Money doesn't score, as you know - but you can already see a certain money structure in the Bundesliga. The financially strong associations like Bavaria and the BVB lead the table unchallenged. Afterwards some associations with financially strong sponsors and the associations come regularly on European stage to play and there good money earn. This group I would estimate on the places 3 to 8. All other clubs from rank 9 on I count to the clubs that play against the relegation.

The final tables of the past seasons also show that they are mostly the same clubs that play in the different groups. This already shows a certain money hierarchy of the league.

The situation is similar in the other European leagues.

What does that say about the club? With a transfer budget of approx. 4.5 million euros before the season, the FCN was already disadvantaged before the first whistle compared to all other clubs. Even the co-upgraders from Düsseldorf had more money available for new commitments.

The three commitments made by FCN (Kubo; Misidjan; Pereira) were not sufficient to make FCN competitive in the Bundesliga. The club's squad had little Bundesliga experience before the season and this was unfortunately evident in the games.

Too many individual mistakes were made and there was usually a lack of calm and serenity in the actions. If you're stuck in a downwards vortex then you'll often have bad luck as well, which you can also see at Stuttgart or Hannover or Schalke 04.

The chance to keep the class is still given mathematically and the team has not given up yet, but for this would have to be celebrated in the form of victories and the successes are currently simply missing.

In the next home game, it will be Max Morlock's home game against FC Augsburg, who are also stuck in the basement of the table.

Maybe we can celebrate club fans then again, even if it would be only temporary.