RB Leipzig manager Ralf Rangnick, who have one season left in charge at the club before Julian Nagelsmann step in to take over, unveiled the creative innovation to add a pinch of fun into the disciplinary arrangement in the squad. What he exactly did is a 'wheel of fortune’ installed at the home base that randomly selects the punishment for the players who are found guilty for being late, use the phone during training or return to club with extra weight. Set of punishments is quite remarkable and ranges from training in ballerina consume or pink shirt to the 3 hours of unpaid work at the club shop, also including buying gifts for club staff, working as a bartender, working as a moving man before away matches, doing laundry or ball-boy services (pumping, washing and carrying the balls) and working as an assistant coach at the youth academy.

Very smart stuff by Herr Rangnick. When you have a team of well-paid players you got to be creative to make them care of their own mistakes.