Time-wasting suddenly became an important problem need to be solved as International Football Association Board (IFAB) announced their decision to prosecute such undesirable actions with newly proposed rules and regulations.

The new rules are being discussed to fight the overwhelming amount of time wasting during the various matches. The Times identifies time wasting as a definite problem need to be solved as they found that the percentage of injury time subs is rising every year – from 21% in the 2011/12 season up to 24% in the 2017/18 worldwide.

As far as we all know that by instructions the refs are adding 30 seconds of time for every sub made in injury time. But in reality the stoppage time can long for far longer that expected. From now on IFAB made a decision to cut the old schemes off with a strict ban on substitutions being made beyond 90th minute.

New rules will be also forcing subbed players to leave the pitch taking the shortest route without shaking hands of every teammate – as was already tested in junior football.

Being widely discussed, the new rules will be proposed to became legitimized at IFAB’s annual meeting in March 2019. No Fergie tyme anymore, folks?