The dominance of Ronaldo and Messi is almost ending. The two players have been ruling the world of football for more than 10 years and in just a matter of time, the baton would be passed on to young stars but the question is, who can they possibly be?

Since no king rules forever, my guess is at PSG's Kylain Mbappe and 17 year's old Ansu Fati of Barcelona whom the world would be paying attention to. These are potential young stars the world would probably be championing in the next two to three years when Ronaldo and Messi would no longer be shining stars

Anyway, it's football so they probably may not even be the ones that would take the baton from Ronaldo and Messi, because everything ultimately lies in the performance of their teams. If their teams do not perform well, they might not be the next Ronaldo and Messi