Italian tactician Antonio Conte is wasting no time in trying to execute his plans at Tottenham. In a recent report, Antonio Conte held talks with the Tottenham executives insisting that the it's a must for the club to make signing this summer and not optional, and the central theme was on the importance of squad strengthening even as early as the January transfer window.

Conte's master plan

The plan drawn out for the January transfer window is pretty simple. Tottenham would be making Adama Traore the center of their transfer activities. In other words, he would be their number one priority. Also, the English side would be looking at adding two quality strikers. Who would play alongside Harry Kane, or as second fiddle to the English man.

Potential exits

Daniel Levy can be quite difficult to deal with, so Conte has mapped out some exits that could bring funds back into the club. From the reports, the English side would be looking to sell the likes of Tanguy Nombele, Steven Bergwijn and Dele Alli. The main focus of their exit is to move back cash inflow to the club, as well as reducing expenses.

Antonio Conte seems to be ticking off his goal pretty fast. Only time would reveal if the board provides him with much needed funds