Messi has always been a cool-headed player who hardly stands up to bullies and tackles but Ramos got on his nerves yesterday that he had to drag Ramos head to head just to vent his anger.

In the early part of first half, Sergio Ramos left his leg out to purposely trip Messi and then later gave an elbow in the face of Messi who collapsed to the ground.

Ramos then went to ground himself pretending to be injured in an attempt to escape being sanctioned by the referee. Those who us who watched that scene saw how Messi couldn't hide the fact that he wasn't cool with that tackle and he got in the face of Ramos and went head to head with him.

This isn't the first time Sergio Ramos tries to give a key player an injury during a match. He did this same against Messi in 2010 (before the world cup) and almost ripped off his leg. He also did the same thing to Salah during last season's Champions League final

Sergio has never ceased doing things like this maybe because he gets away with it every time he does it