When it comes to keeping red card clean sheet record in a footballer's career, this is a feat that only a few footballers are able to retire with. Many players had this dream but only a few are able to retire with it

Lionel Messi is one of those disciplined players that avoids having brawls with both players and officials. He hardly quarrels with anybody on the pitch or query referee expect in a rare situation. Since he started his career at Barcelona he has been able to keep a red card clean sheet record.

However, Messi is not the only player that has achieved this feat for Barcelona. Andreas Iniesta also had zero red card for the Barcelona. Messi has only had one red card in his football career when playing for his country side. This was during an International debut in 2005 against Hungary. He was awarded a red card in his debut game for Argentina in a quite controversial decision.

He came in as a substitute in the second half and was red-carded by referee Markus Merk barely 40 seconds into the game with the claim that he allegedly elbowed defender Vilmos Vanczák, who was tugging Messi's shirt.

Messi has only one red card in his career but none for Barcelona