The defeat Manchester United suffered from West Ham two weeks ago and the one suffered from Newcastle on Sunday piled the misery of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Unfortunately, the once dreaded team in England is having one of their worse season start up in 25 years.

They are currently 12th in the EPL table with just 9 points putting above the relegation zone with just two point. The winning steak last season earned Solskjaer the managerial position but things went south shortly after that till date

The mighty Mancheter United has been reduced to a middle table club with this SolkjaerTurbulent Times Has Now Put Manchester United 2 Points Away From

Everyone keeps blaming Solskjaer for selling some key players without having a good replacement. They keep saying he's just an average coach and should be sacked and replaced with a new coach with new motivator, new tactics and strategy.

If you check the table the difference between 12th and 17th position is just two points. If Manchester loses against Liverpool in their next match which is very likely, then it means they will be in the relegation zone with Norwich and Watford