The issue of racism in football has been existing since time immemorial despite FIFA's strictness about it. Many promising players have been unjustly discriminated as a result of their skin colour which has even prevented some players to survive in their football career

Racism has been a serious crime which I believe will never end in the next five generation because some people will keep transfering it their children and the cycle continues like that. The discrepancy between white and blacks willl forever remain and with the liltte i've seen, white are usually the ones who hurl racial insults to blacks compared to how blacks do.

Although, FIFA has always been strict towards racism in football but this time, FIFA is coming hard on any player who makes any racial abuse towards another player therefore FIFA has decided to slam any guilty player a minimum of 10 match ban as a punishment. The truth is, racism is not only being hurled by only fans but by fellow olayers too and I believe this kind of punishment will still go a long way in at least reducing it to some extent

This is a good move by FIFA. Now those idiots will think twice before opening their rotten mouths to hurl racist insult on their fellow players on the pitch