In Football, we always see players arguing with the referee after being red card before they finally leave the pitch but for a player to refuse to leave the pitch after being given a red card is something that rarely happen

Sometimes, a player may not leave the pitch after being sent off but would still stay back until his fellow players come to usher him out of the pitch. Sometimes it could even be the opponent that will sweet-talk him to go out of the pitch

But what about a situation whereby a player refuses to go out of the pitch after both his players and the opponent tried their best to get him off?

In a situation like this, securities can’t be allowed to come into the pitch to take him out unless a player invades the pitch or a fight happen between the two teams. If the player still doesn't leave despite his captain getting him out, the referee goes to the coach telling him it's his responsibility to get the player out of the pitch so that the game can continue.

The player thereby faces ban and sanction by FIFA for such misconduct. This is something that rarely happens in football and I stand to be corrected