How will this activity?

Enter the following link and register. After that you will guess the UK Premier League matches weekly. Match forecasts can be done on the website or You can make the estimates by downloading the application to your phone. Scorum community in Turkey,We established the Turkey League. We continue to play the game successfully as a community. We want to do the same event in the English Premier League. The event will be SCR award at the end of the week and at the end of the league. You must register on the website or application to participate in the event. Click here to register.

You can get more information by examining this post.Or you can search for the league by typing “scorumpremierleague” in the search section and join the league.Also you can use this link.After join the contest write your username as comment.

For Google Play,you can download the application from here.

Additionally, You can download the Android app here.

How does Kicktipp work?

You will make your weekly score forecast. According to the results of the system will automatically calculate your scores. It will put you in the points order. Other users will not be able to see your prediction. But when the matchs ends, everyone can see the ranking of the scoring.

How will the award be?

First: At the end of the season, 3 people with the most points will win prizes. Our award will be SCR.

The first 50 SCR will win

The second 40 SCR will win

The third 25 SCR will win

Second: The user who gets the highest score in the weekly ranking will be sent 5 scr.

NOTE: In cases of tie, the prize will be shared. The ratings will be made after the last match is played. I have the right to decide in an uncertain situation. There is no participation fee.

You can start the event by entering the next week's scores. Results will be shared after the last match of each week. I will do this by writing. I will mention weekly winners in my article. I'il send your awards.

I would like to thank our friends @btb, @stimp1024, @cayelispor53, @hassan @scorum-fans, @lawlees, @sport-frei for sponsoring the event. Those who want to sponsor the event can reach me at Discord.

We are waiting for your participation in our chat channel. We're talking match analysis on our channel. You can join our discord channel from this link.