First of all I would like to thank our friends @stimp1024, @btb,@hassan @scorum-fans, @lawlees, @sport-frei for sponsoring the event. They have always supported me so I am pleased to know these names. From the second half of the season we made Kicktipp Premier League competition. We had a very exciting season. At the end of the league, we will conclude the result of the competition. 26 people participated in the contest.

26 people attended the event. Top 3 identified. Although I did not start well in the first weeks, I managed to get into the top three in the last week. Of course, I don't have the right to award. Congratulations to @Gercekler, who has not left the leadership since the first week.He did an excellent job. Rewards were sent. I would like to do this competition again in the following season. Thanks to everyone for your benefits / Congratulations to the winners


1:gerçekler 50 SCR

2:sporturkiye 40 SCR

3: trcoach -

4:davor27 30 SCR

How does Kicktipp work?

You will make your weekly score forecast. According to the results of the system will automatically calculate your scores. It will put you in the points order. Other users will not be able to see your prediction. But when the matchs ends, everyone can see the ranking of the scoring.

Point System

4 points for accurate score prediction

3 points for who knows the difference between the winning team and the score

2 points for the winning team