It's worthwhile looking at Pogba refusing to sign new contract with Manchester United. The France star sign for Manchester United from Juventus in 2017 with almost £89m.

Paul Pogba had proved to be one of the best midfielder in current football. Despite that, I see no reason why Manchester United should retain Paul Pogba at the present, the France star is not willing to play for the England side anymore, he have been planning of moving to Paris saint german in France league 1.

If Manchester United can see a better offer from psg for Paul Pogba, I think the best thing is selling him out of the club. He's shown in different ways that he's no more interested in the club anymore, so why are they pleading him to sign new contract when he'd refused to do so.

He's been performing inconsistently for Manchester United in recent years due to injury and probably unwillingness to remain in the club side.

What's your thought on this?. Should Manchester United sell him out before the end of this transfer window if better offer come up, or you think he should remain in the club.