With titles like this, journalists would start their reportage, while the name was always one, Dragoslav Sekularac.

The man who played soccer in the 50s and 60s of the 20th century, and who failed to shine brightly because of the policy of the then Yugoslav authorities that he should not sign for Juventus for (then a record) $ 600,000.

Everyone who watched Sekularac play football was fascinated.

This happened in the Uruguay - Yugoslavia match at the World Cup in Chile in 1962. He had an honor to be brought out of the pitch on hands of the thrilled Uruguayan players.

After this match he was given a rating never before, no sooner or later, and that's a score of 11 - according to Robert Vrenj, a journalist from "France Football".

This magician died a few months ago, but he will remain a legend of world football.

In Memoriam: Dragoslav Sekularac (November 8, 1937 - January 5, 2019)