In what can be described as the most absorbing and somewhat crazy game of the champion league, Liverpool finds a way to recover after squandering a two goals lead in the early minutes of their encounter with the host Athletico at the Estadio Wanda Metropolitano stadium.

The Encounter

Athletic Madrid and Liverpool have continued to maintain a clean game since the start of this season's Champions League. Both The Spanish and English giants have conceded no defeat and remained unbeaten. Last night's game was a deciding moment for the duo. Before the game, it was very obvious their biggest test of tactical and communicative competence on the pitch.

As formidable sides, the wheel has to bend towards one end. But who will it favor, remains uncertain? A record of the keenly contested fight has been a story of the previous Head to Head between both clubs. Hence, It wasn't so surprising to be entertained by the super absorbing and crazy performance from both sides last night. It was indeed a game to watch.

The Game

The Estadio Wanda Metropolitano stadium was buzzing with spectators as Athletico host Liverpool. The game saw Liverpool taking a 6th-minute early lead with a super strike by its only talisman Mo Sallah from outside the area. it took a deflection and Oblak was left helpless. In the 13th minute, Keita fired another shot into the back of the net giving Liverpool a 2 goals lead in the game.

The host couldn't allow the setback to deter them and up the fight. Pushing forward and harder. The Liverpool side was also prepared and pushing back. The persistence of Athletico paid off as Griezmann find the back of the net in the 21st minute only equalized the game in the 34th minute. This amazing show balanced the game.

The first half of the game was an electrifying display of mighty gladiators. With a whopping 4 goals produced before the 40th minute was just crazy. The second half saw a little relent but still a hot fight between the duo.

Unfortunately for the host, a red card saw them reduced to ten men. That, however, did not weaken their fight, but certainly cost them a share of the 3 points as Liverpool's Mo Sallah converted another goal to the back of the net from the spot.

Liverpool left last night unbeaten and with 3 huge and important points. Thanks to Sallah and Keita.

Sallah's Record

Mo sallah since the beginning of the season has been sensational for Liverpool. His level of form and tenacity has continued to wow football fans and communities all over the world and to the admiration of his family. Sallah's consistency paid off as he become the first player in the history of the club to net a ball in nine successive matches. This is record-breaking for him.

Final Thought

The Champions League is still a long way to go. The results of last night's games are a glimpse of what can only be imagined this season. Though Athletico suffered a huge defeat, they still have much more to fight for. Liverpool also seizing every opportunity to extend their dominance is a good impression. As I say congratulations to Liverpool and Sallah, I hope the next games will be more electrifying.