The situation in the Group G is very interesting. England and Belgium are in Knockout but the second position in this group could be more profitable. At 1/8 I think there is no difference what opponent will these teams get because the choice is Columbia or Japan. More powerfull team will wait the winner of this group in quarterfinal and probably it would Brazil!!! And moreover the 2nd team in this group will have more comfortable half of knockout net.

Also situation in this group is intetesting because of current position. England and Belgium have 6 points, goals difference is 8-2 for both teams and if they play the fraw their position will depend on fair-play index  (as it was in Group H between Japan and Senegal)– before game England has 1 yellow card less and 1st place in group.

So will the game become honest? Will team show all their best? Or would they play in anti-football? Who will “choose” opponents? What postition will teams play for: the 1st or 2nd? Very interesting questions... And we will get answers very soon.