The drawing of lots for the butt-matches turned out to be very unpleasant. Poland! How to play with such a strong opponent? Doesn't Karpin want to draw conclusions from all the failures? I am analyzing an interview with the head coach of the Russian national team.

Poland is a tough opponent

In a friendly match against the Poles, a draw was recorded. Shverchok and Karavaev scored. Karpin believes that the Polish national team is not stronger than Croatia. At the same time, he answered evasively when asked about Lewandowski. How to play against such an opponent? After all, the Bayern player is one of the best forwards in the world. Karpin says that you need to play against the team. Yes, there are 15 players in the Polish national team who represent the TOP-5 of the European Championships. All of them can pose a threat.

But, if we consider that players like Kudryashov prefer to score into their own goal, then we shouldn't talk about reliability from the word “absolutely”. I wonder if Fedor will be in the starting lineup again?

If the national team cannot cope with such a rival as Poland, then cardinal decisions will have to be made. All experts believe that Poland is not only possible but necessary to be beaten. Say, Russia is simply obliged to get to the MCH in Qatar.

Karpin believes that in case of defeat, it is not worth to disperse the coaching staff. And the leadership of the RFU can sleep well. Nobody will touch them. Like: "we will lose, then so be it." What is this approach to work? If you start to have such conversations now, then you shouldn't go out against the Poles even on the field. Let it be better to be a techie: 0 - 3, than a shame on the whole world.

Who will play against Poland

Karpin answered in his repertoire. Like those who will be ready for the match will enter the field. What are we talking about? Already now it is necessary to evaluate each individual performer. The same Kudryashov will have legs shaking in front of such strong rivals. He has already broken down psychologically. It was because of him that the team lost first place.

No attack. In the match against Croatia, the Russians shot on target zero times. Not a single blow! What is this about? Smolov, Zabolotny, Zhemaletdinov, Golovin, Dziuba, Sergeev and so on. Players of the attacking plan wagon and a small cart. But alas, there are no goals, no shots on target. Opponent goalkeepers fall asleep from boredom. With such a game of the Russian national team, the collar of the Polish national team can generally take a mattress, lay it near the bar and go to rest.

Will there be fees or not? How can you coach the national team of a country without training camps? This is nonsense. Karpin cannot answer such a simple question. Weird? As for me, this is not an oddity, but a pattern. The national team coach is in shock. His phlegm and lack of confidence speaks for itself.

First conclusions

Apparently, Karpin does not know which way to go. He is not ready to coach the national team now. Yes, after a detailed study of the Poles, Swedes and Czechs, it will be possible to speak more specifically. Karpin says that everything will depend on the clubs. No. Everything will depend on the leadership of the RFU and the head coach of the national team. You should not put your own incomprehensible manses in the foreground, which can destroy not only the national team of the country, but also the whole of football.

You can play against the Polish national team. The Poles lost to the Hungarians. True, they played in a draw with the British. There is someone to score. The protection is working fine. The team concedes in 4 out of 6 matches. Even the players of the national teams of San Marino and Andorra were able to score the Poles. Our forwards should not be weaker than those who scored against the Poles.

But, with such an approach, which Karpin is now preaching, success cannot be seen, like your own ears. You need to build a normal philosophy and work on psychology. There is no need to be in awe of players like Lewandowski. Although, maybe he will be just as lucky as the Hungarians and Mariusz will not be released on the field. I continue to observe the development of events. Maybe Karpin will nevertheless reconsider his attitude to work!