Sergey Ignashevich ignores fans

Once again, Ignashevich finds himself in the very epicenter of a scandal. Fans continue to escalate the situation. During the last match, only insults and demands to dismiss Ignashevich were heard from the stands. How did Sergei Ignashevich react to the obvious insults and sharp attacks from the fans? What is the opinion of the Torpedo leaders?

Why is Ignashevich subjected to harsh criticism?

Torpedo is very difficult to enter the season. The last victory dates back to November 25 last year. Then Ignashevich's wards were able to beat Krasnodar-2. After that, the team forgot the taste of victory. This despite the fact that in the offseason, the squad was strengthened by 6 newcomers.

Everything is very sad in the attack. Attacking schemes stopped working. Ignashevich continues to rely on Kalmykov. But the striker in 3 matches struck only three hits towards the goal. He stopped winning duels with opponents. For example, in the match against Orenburg, he was able to win only 22% of the opposition. This despite the fact that in the air did not win a single one.

The problems are exacerbated by the regular mistakes of Redkovich and Evdokimov. They set up a real passage yard in the defense of the Torpedo. Their mistakes lead to disastrous results. Torpedo concedes, but cannot score.

Oddly enough, Ignashevich is not interested in these facts. He continues to bend his line.

Fan reaction

Fans of "Torpedo" can no longer tolerate such a mockery of their favorite club. They demand Ignashevich's resignation. By the way, it is worth noting that Sergei had already resigned, but the club's management did not accept it. It is unclear why Ignashevich continues to be given credit of trust. Although after a toothless game against Orenburg, the situation may change dramatically.

The fans are no longer holding back. Insults and defiant remarks are heard from the stands. Fans are bombarded with Ignashevich's choicest "expressions" on all social networks. They are already openly expressing their point of view.

Ignashevich's reaction

Sergei said that he hears and reads everything that is said and written about him. He heard the indignation of the stands during the last match. But, Sergei Ignashevich simply ignores the fans. He stated that he does not pay attention to what is happening around the football field. That is, it turns out that Sergei Ignashevich does not care about the opinion of those for whom his team speaks - the fans. He says that he gives all of himself to football, to the game. But judging by the results, this is clearly not enough.

He remembered what he was reminded of CSKA. Ignashevich said that he is proud not only of being a pupil of Torpedo, but also of the fact that he played for the army team for a long time. In addition, he clarified that he does not want to communicate with the fans. At the same time, at press conferences he continues to claim that he is satisfied with the way his team plays. It turns out that he is pleased with the defeat!

At the same time, we do not hear the reaction of the club's management. Apparently, just like Ignashevich, they do not care about the fate of the team, which set itself the goal of reaching the Premier League. Now the team is in 5th place. The team is separated from the first place by 10 points. Already 6 points separate from the direct transition. With such a game, the team will not be able to move to the top division of the country. Maybe it's time for Ignashevich to start respecting the fans and his club?