The winter transfer window has opened. Many RPL players are already thinking where to go. But there are characters who rivet the interest of the entire football community to their person. These include Artyom Dziuba. His sporting fate at Zenith is in question. Where can Dziuba go? Which two clubs would like to see him on their roster? Which coach can revive Dziuba's career?

Life and career at Zenith

Yes, Artem himself is a rather controversial person. But, he still achieves results on the field. He hardly plays this season. But he has enough of the time that Semak allocates.

Now the Zenit coach openly says that he sees no reason to renew the contract with Dzyuba. Accordingly, we can safely say that Artyom's work at Zenith has come to its end.

Rubin and Slutsky

Now many believe that Dziuba will go to Rubin. They say that Leonid Slutsky works there as a coach, who has friendly relations with Artem. The coach himself has repeatedly praised the player. Slutsky said that if the banner falls, only Dziuba will be able to lift it and proudly carry it. This is the real captain leading the team.

Again, in this perspective, you need to remember Despotovich. The attacker is now injured. But he considers himself the best attacking player in the RPL. How can two leaders play together? And will they be able to? And then the Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin added fuel to the fire. He said that Slutsky leads the team perfectly. He only needs help with money. So it turns out that the Kazan authorities are ready to become sponsors in the fight for Dziuba.

Foreign options for Dziuba

It would be possible to speak in the plural, if not for one "but". No club in Europe guarantees a place for Artem at the base. There is only the Hungarian club Ferencváros. It is there that Cherchesov is now working, who will put Dziuba in the squad for every match.

Yes, in the Hungarian championship Artyom will feel great. The tournament itself is not very strong. At the same time, Dziuba will play in European cups. But the club is willing to offer a salary of $ 1.2 million a year. Truth and Rubin will not give more than 1.5 million.

It turns out that Dziuba has only 2 options to revive his career. If we analyze the situation, then the Hungarian version looks more promising. In the Russian Championship, Dziuba achieved serious results. In the national team of the country, he will not have a place anyway until Karpin is at the helm. Therefore, you need to leave the territory of Russia. Only in this way will he be able to regain his former playing form.