Euro2020 semi-final match: Italy - Spain

The first semi-final of Euro2020 turns out to be the most exciting. Moreover, the whole tournament. Italy is playing against Spain. The teams played 37 games among themselves. 11 wins each. 15 meetings ended in a draw. This is one of the most fundamental confrontations in Europe. So, Bookmakers do not undertake to give an unconditional advantage to one or another team.

Bookmakers' quotes for the Euro2020 semi-final match: Italy - Spain

P1: 2.53

P2: 3.3

X: 3.28

TM2.5: 1.69

TB2.5: 2.43

1X + TM3.5: 1.73

P1 + TB1.5: 3.32

1X + TB1.5: 2.00

Euro2020 semi-final match review: Italy - Spain

Both teams show high quality football. Spain is known for its high ball control. Italy practically does not concede and often shoots on goal. Spain played twice for 120 minutes. Italians are fresher and more rested. Who will be able to reach the final? Apparently, the winner of this pair will become the winner of Euro2020!

Euro2020 semi-final first half review: Italy - Spain

The starting 5 minutes are good for Italians. They showed that they can confidently put pressure on the opponent's half of the field. They block possible ways of developing counterattacks. On the 15th minute Ferran Torres shoots towards the gate of Italy. Yes, he missed the target, but it is becoming noticeable that the Spaniards are trying to increase the danger at the gate of the Italians. They are more aggressive.

In the 18th minute, the Italians got the right to a free kick near the opponent's goal. Simon is successful at the exit. On the 21st minute, Simon unsuccessfully left the gate. They remained empty. Barella fumbled for a long time and could not punch through the empty frame.

For 25 minutes, Olmo shot twice on goal. First, the blow was blocked by the defenders of Italy. After a second hit, the ball hit the target. Donnarumma helps out.

On the 33rd Olmo shoots again. Much above the gate. In the 40th minute, the Spaniards issued a dynamic attack. Completed blow Oyarsabel. The ball flies much higher than the goal. In the 45th minute, Emerson shoots tight. The ball flies straight into the crossbar, into the crossbar. The arbiter did not even add a minute.

In terms of shots, the Spaniards outplayed the most striking team: 1 - 5. Moreover, one hit was on target. The Italians, despite having shot only once, were much closer to opening the score in the match. The Spaniards held the ball more: 40 to 60%. There were only two corners. The Spaniards made more passes: 184 to 353. First half result: 0 - 0.

Euro2020 semi-final second half review: Italy - Spain

The first moment came from the Italians. Immobile broke through and struck at goal. Not exactly. The Spaniards got the first yellow. Busquets got it on 51 minutes. But already on the 52nd Busquets breaks through on goal. Not exactly! On the 53rd, Chiesa shoots on target from under the defender of the Spanish national team.

On the 58th, Oyarsabel shoots hard on target. Donnarumma takes the ball into his hands without any problems. In the 60th minute of the match, the Italians flee in a quick counterattack. Chiesa receives the ball within the penalty area. Earned the ball and shot right on target. Simon couldn't even react. Goal! Italy took the lead: 1 - 0.

The last 30 minutes will be hot. On the 65th minute, Koke gives an excellent pass to Oyarsabel, who breaks through from a lethal position with his head and misses the target. On the 67th, Olmo is already not hitting exactly. At the 68th, Berardi found himself face to face with the Spanish goalkeeper. I shot from an acute angle, but Simon managed.

On the 80th, Verardi shoots on target. Immediately the Spaniards fled to the attack. Morata burst into the penalty area and did not hit much into the near corner. Goal! The Spaniards tie the score: 1 - 1. On the 83rd Busquets heads wide. At 84, Moreno hits well above the gate.

Felix Brykh added 3 minutes. The opponents did not create a single dangerous moment. Regular time result: 1 - 1.

Additional time

For the third time, the Spaniards could not decide the outcome of the meeting in regulation time.

First extra half

The first moment appeared for the Spaniards in the 98th minute. Olmo shoots on target. The goalkeeper parries. The ball flew across the penalty area and flew out of bounds. Goal kick. Yes, the Spaniards were sharper, but it never came to shots on goal.

Second extra half

On 110 minutes, Berardi shoots on target and scores. The referee does not count the goal. Out of the game. There were no more dangerous moments as such. Result of the meeting: 1 - 1. The fate of victory in the match will be decided in a series of penalty shootouts.

Post-match penalties

1. Locatelli (Italy) missed: 0 - 0.

2. Olmo (Spain) hits higher: 0 - 0.

3. Belotti (Italy) scores: 1 - 0.

4. Moreno (Spain) scores 1 - 1.

5. Bonucci (Italy) scores 2 - 1.

6. Alcantara (Spain) scores 2 - 2.

7. Bernardeschi (Italy) scores: 3 - 2.

8. Morata (Spain) missed: 3 - 2.

9. Jorginho (Italy) scores 4 - 2.

Italy is outperforming Spain. Penalty score: 4 - 2. Total score of the match: 5 - 3. Spain failed to snatch victory in the penalty shootout. Heroes of the match: Donnarumma and Jorginho.