Euro2020 match review: France - Germany

The first round of Euro2020 was completed by the teams of France and Germany. This match can be considered the centerpiece of only 1 round. Although, one might say, only Euro2020. A match that would be a great ending. Both teams approached the main tournament of Europe in excellent mood and playing condition. The bookmakers offered the odds for the victory of France: 2.71. It was possible to bet on the victory of Germany with the odds: 3.02. For a tie: 3.3. It was assumed that the match could be riding. On TB2.5: 2.16.

Euro2020 match review: France - Germany

Both teams will strive to play to win. Especially after the direct competitor Portugal beat Hungary. On the other hand, it is possible that they will catch each other on mistakes and try not to take particular risks.

Euro2020 first half review: France - Germany

The German national team started the game in their own style. That is, from the control of the ball. This led to the fact that already on the 4th minute Hummels shot on goal. But not exactly. At the 7th minute, Havertz struck. Again - by.

France responded at 16 and 17 minutes. Pogba punched first, but not exactly. The second blow was delivered by Mbappe. He hit the target, but Neuer does not miss such.

On the 20th minute, the French attack put the squeeze on the Germans. They achieved that Hummels scored an own goal. The French scored a goal out of the blue. They took the lead: 1 - 0. The Germans were able to answer only in 23 minutes. Müller didn’t get it right.

On the 25th minute, Cross struck from a free-kick, but was unable to throw the wall. On the 27th minute, Cross again shot from a free-kick. This time the ball flew much higher than the goal.

After that, France successfully defended, trying to organize a dangerous counterattack. Both teams played pretty tough. On 38 minutes, Gundogan shoots wide of the goal. In the future, the game was on a collision course. The referee added 2 minutes to the main time of the 1st half. They did not benefit either one or the other team. The result of the first half of the Euro2020 match France - Germany: 1 - 0.

Euro2020 second half review: France - Germany

Germany began to be more active. But there was no sharpness. At the 52nd minute, the French organized a counterattack. Rabio shoots past the gate. On 54 minutes, Gnabry hit from half a flight and was unable to hit the shots on target of France.

Germany dominated for the first 15 minutes. They were close to scoring a goal. But alas, they could not distinguish themselves. The most dangerous moment, at the gates of the French, dates back to the 70th minute. Rüdiger shoots on target. But, does not forget.

Germany attacked, but still missed. At the 85th minute Mbappe gets a pass. He gives it to Benzema. The latter scores. But after watching the VAR, the goal was canceled. Fixed offside position. On 88 minutes, Sane shoots from a free-kick and misses the target.

The arbiter added 6 minutes. Rabiot frankly began to play for time. He fell, lay down, got up and fell again. As a result, 1.5 minutes were stolen. Ultimately, Rabiot came to life and actively defended himself. In addition, there is also a replacement from Deschamps. In the end, the teams won not 6, but 8 minutes. Result of the Euro2020 France - Germany match: 1 - 0.

Unfortunately, Germany was unable to realize its playing advantage. Interestingly, the teams were able to deliver 1 shot on target. At the same time, Germany struck only 10, and France 4 shots on goal.

After the first match, France took 2nd place in the group. The first is Portugal. Germany is still in third place.