Europa League Final: Villarreal - Manchester United

Villarreal and Manchester United met in the Europa League Final. Before the match, the Bookmakers gave preference to the British. They were considered the undisputed favorites. The bet on the victory of Manchester United could have been made with odds of 1.94. In addition, privateers (professional forecasters) believed that they should play bets on OZ - and TB2.5.

Europa League final review: Villarreal - Manchester United

Both teams will strive to play to win. For Villarreal, a win offers a chance to play in the League next season. Accordingly, both teams will act not from defense, but from attack.

Europa League Final First Half Review: Villarreal - Manchester United

As expected, Manchester United started the game quite actively. Already at the 7th minute of the meeting, Scott McTominay shot towards the goal. Villarreal responded with his dangerous moment in the 16th minute of the meeting. Manu punched in the direction of the gate. On the 20th, Luke Shaw tried to break through. Then the players of the Spanish club became more aggressive. On the 23rd Pau Torres, and on the 27th, Eremi Pino punched in the direction of the gate.

The decisive moment of the first half came at 29 minutes. Gerard Moreno scores the first goal in the final match. Despite the fact that the status of the favorite was with the English club, Villarreal scored first. The Spaniards came forward.

After a missed goal, the British switched to positional attacking actions. But only on the 37th minute Scott McTominay got a chance. He punches very inaccurately. It is worth noting that Manchester United, moving from a positional attack to more active actions, met with stiff resistance from the Villarreal defense. When they lost the ball, they immediately entered the tackle, showing high pressure.

The impression was that the British did not know how to open up the opponent's defense. In addition, at the 44th minute, Pino fled into a counterattack. He earned a corner, but the referee thought differently. Added 2 minutes to the first half. At 45 = 1 minute, after a lumbago, the goalkeeper takes the ball into his hands. Albiol helped the goalkeeper in this moment. He substituted himself under the ball. In the last minutes of the half, Villarreal took a corner. But to no avail. First half result: 1 - 0.

Europa League final second half review: Villarreal - Manchester United

At the beginning of the second half, Villarreal was active. After the standard, the Spaniards actively put pressure, throwing into the goalkeeper's zone. Failed to break through. At the 54th minute, Manchester United showed some aggression. But the blow was blocked. Immediately, after serving from the corner flag, after a mass of ricochets, the ball hits Cavani. He scores. Manchester United equalize the score. But the arbitrators went to watch the VAR. As a result, the goal counts. On the 55th minute the score becomes equal: 1 - 1.

Manchester United could have scored almost immediately. But Fernandez misses the target after finishing.

After a missed ball, Villarreal started. He started playing more actively. I began to control the ball more. On the 64th minute, after a lumbago, the Manchester United players asked for a penalty for allegedly playing with a hand. The arbiter ignored.

As in the first half, Manchester United continued to control the ball without a goal. In the 70th minute, Reshford, from a lethal situation, punches not only past the goalkeeper, but also missed the target. On 71 minutes, Cavani hits his head, but not on target, but in Pau Torres, who closed the gate.

In the late 70s, Manchester United was more aggressive. But Villarreal acted very confidently in defense. On the 84th minute of the match, after a lumbago, Pau Torres was able, once again, to block the shot towards the Villarreal goal. The referee shows a pending yellow card and assigns, instead of a corner, a penalty towards the goal of Villarreal. And this time the performance let us down.

On the 89th minute, Pogba hits his head over the crossbar. It is interesting that in 90 minutes the teams delivered only three shots on target. The score for this indicator: 1 - 2. Added 3 minutes to the main time. At 90 + 2 minutes, Pau Torres shoots over the crossbar. Regular time result: 1 - 1.

Additional time

First extra half

Manchester United continued to play like the main one for 90 minutes. From the second extra minute, Villarreal took possession of the ball. It became noticeable that the teams were in no hurry to go forward. On the 99th minute, Moreno shoots into the near corner. Misses the target. At the hundredth minute, Alcacer breaks over the crossbar. On the 102nd minute, after a free-kick, de Gea takes the ball to the corner. Added 1 minute.

Second extra half

At 109 minutes, Albiol is wrong. Rashford could jump out from behind an opponent. Helms played reliably. On 113 minutes, Turpin showed Cavani a yellow card for controversy. During this stop, VAR checked the moment with Fred's hand in the penalty area. The arbitrators have been trying to figure out the situation for a long time. The referee does not point to the 11-meter mark. At the end of the match, the Manchester players could not stand it. The team was marked by several mini injuries. It is interesting that Villarreal spent extra time more actively than his opponent. Added 3 minutes to the second extra half. Europa League final result: 1 - 1.

After match penalties

1. Gerard Moreno (Villarreal) - goal (1 - 0).

2. Mata (Man. United) - goal (1 - 1).

3. Raba (Villarreal) - goal (2 - 1).

4. Telles (Man. United) - goal (2 - 2).

5. Alcacer (Villarreal) - goal (3 - 2).

6. Fernandas (Man. United) - goal (3 - 3).

7. Moreno (Villarreal) - goal (4 - 3).

8. Reshford (Man. United) - goal (4 - 4).

9. Parejo (Villarreal) - goal (5 - 4).

10. Cavani (Man. United) - goal (5 - 5).

11. Moi Gomez (Villarreal) - goal (6 - 5).

12. Fred (Man. United) - goal (6 - 6).

13. Albiol (Villarreal) - goal (7 - 6).

14. James (Man. United) - goal (7 - 7).

15. Coquelin (Villarreal) - goal (8 - 7)

16. Show (Man. United) - goal (8 - 8).

17. Gaspar (Villarreal) - goal (9 - 8).

18. Tuanzebe (Man. United) - goal (9 - 9).

19. Torres (Villarreal) - goal (10 - 9).

20. Lindelof (Man. United) - goal (10 - 10).

21. Ruli (Villarreal) - (11 - 10)

22. De Gea (Manchester United) - does not score. The rudders beat back the blow (11 - 10).

Villarreal wins the series after the 11-meter match. Both teams were shooting with their full complement. The Manchester United goalkeeper was unable to outplay Ruli. Villarreal wins the series after match penalties with a score: 11 - 10. Result of the Europa League final: 1 - 1 on penalties: 11 10. Villarreal wins the Europa League!