FIFA made a very controversial decision. They have banned the two Brazilians playing for Zenit from taking part in the next two matches of the club. Why did the International Football Association decide to impose sanctions on Malcolm and Claudinho? How did the Zenit leaders react? What do the lawyers say? Will the players be able to avoid sanctions and take part in the matches against Akhmat and Chelsea? Let's try to find answers to important questions.

The reasons for the imposition of sanctions against Brazilians "Zenith"

Both Brazilians were called up to prepare for the qualifying matches for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The management and coaching staff of Zenit decides to recall the players. Accordingly, Malcolm and Claudinho pack up and fly to St. Petersburg. Zenit argued its decision by the fact that both players will not be able to go through the mandatory quarantine procedure before the match in London.

The leadership of the Brazilian national team is letting go of the players. Immediately after their departure to the location of the club, they file a complaint with FIFA. They say they were at a disadvantage and so on. In general, Brazilian football functionaries began to refer to the FIFA rules.

The reaction of the management of "Zenith"

Club spokesman Anton Makarenko said that the Brazilian national team itself violated the time allotted for calling Malcolm to the national team. Accordingly, the club had every right not to let him go. But still, Zenit went to meet the Brazilians and let Malcolm and Claudinho go. Subsequently, the club's management calculated the terms of the quarantine restrictions. It became clear that the players would not be able to take part in an important match against Chelsea. In this regard, it was decided to recall the players.

At the moment, the club's management is in close negotiations with FIFA, UEFA and RFU. The functionaries are trying to resolve the issue peacefully. A letter was sent to FIFA and UEFA. It voiced a request to give reasons for the decision to impose sanctions against two Zenit players. In addition, it is indicated that many clubs were at a deliberate disadvantage. They were faced with a choice: whether or not to let the players go to the location of the Brazilian national team. Since, upon their return, they drop out of the game for quite a long time.

Lawyers' opinion

Lawyers believe that the sanctions themselves can be challenged, but impractical. In particular, this procedure will take a long time. But the result of the appeal is likely to remain negative. FIFA continues to play on the side of the national teams. If there is a precedent, then the clubs will independently decide whether to release players to the national teams or not. Accordingly, there will be simply no one to play for the national teams. The blow to the national teams of the countries will be very serious. At the same time, all regulations and rules of the International Federation must be observed. If there is a violation on the one hand, then you need to make appropriate decisions, and not judge the situation one-sidedly.

Will Malcolm and Claudinho be able to play against Akhmat and Chelsea?

Apparently - no. Players will be forced to miss these matches due to FIFA sanctions and bans. International functionaries will not make concessions. Moreover, in relation to the Russian club. If we were talking about the team of old Europe, then the decision would have been completely opposite.

It turns out that FIFA can put any club in the world in a deliberately disadvantageous position. They can, without giving any reason, impose sanctions on any player. Thus, to cause damage to one or another club of the World. This is especially important before decisive games. We can confidently say that each club can try to weaken the opponent with the hands of FIFA functionaries. Here's another example of international corruption in sports. In our case, in football, at the team level.