FIFA continues to engage in destructive work. This is how one can characterize the desire of Gianni Infantino to change the scheme of the FIFA World Cup. The International Football Federation believes that the main tournament of the planet should be held not once in the 4th, but every 2 years. But experts, analysts, experts, football federations and organizations are not so categorical.

FIFA opinion

Development manager Arsene Wenger believes that the transition to the new system will ensure more elimination matches. These will be lucrative, more lucrative meetings. The qualifying cycles need to be reduced significantly. They should be small tournaments. Moreover, with the "take-off" scheme. Wenger believes that fans like this scheme more than the current one.

The federation says there will be fewer interruptions for national teams. Players will not be distracted from the training process in their clubs. Accordingly, the players will stay in clubs for more than 7 months without interruption. At the same time, it will be necessary to remove tournaments such as the League of Nations. There will be no friendlies. All games are only official and for departure.

But, the reasons for the launch of the new format of the World Championship are not as clear as they seem. It is based on the financial component. FIFA wants to earn many times more than it does now. Thus, to win an unspoken confrontation with UEFA. Do not forget that during the 4-year cycle, 95% of FIFA's earnings come from the World Cup. In the last world tournament alone, the federation earned 4 billion. At the same time, UEFA was able to earn 11 billion.

Separately, you need to pay attention to one more fact. The more World Championships are held, the higher the impact on the political situation in the World will be.

Opponents' opinion

The CONMEBOL leadership believes that Infantino's proposal is not viable. If such a decision is made, then the entire football calendar will collapse. UEFA President Čeferin said that he had not even heard that such ideas began to appear. He believes that the idea itself is not interesting. If such a scheme is launched, then one should not exclude the possibility that European federations will start boycotting this tournament. And what could be the World Championship without European teams.

Interesting Facts

1. Only 79 national teams took part in the World Championships. At the same time, 21 countries took part only once in history.

2. A total of 21 tournaments were held. In the final, 12 of them were won by UEFA representatives.

3. In just two finals, in the entire history, there were no representatives of Europe. These are: in 1930 and 1950 childbirth.

4. In 3 of the last 4 tournaments in the final, 2 European teams have played.

5. In the TOP-10 of the FIFA rating there are 6 representatives of Europe.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi, the head of the European Football Association, was rather harsh. He indicated that FIFA must make an informed decision. It should not be one-sided and arbitrary.

Even the fans are against it. They believe that the World and European Championships are the holidays that are awaited. They are preparing for them. In addition, not all people can attend such tournaments more often.

FIFA confirms its point of view with the opinion of the fans

FIFA said that they take into account the opinion of football fans. 15 thousand people voted for holding the tournament every 2 years. Interviewed 23 thousand people. But, it is worth noting that only 23 countries of the world took part in the survey.

Now functionaries declare that they plan to interview 100 thousand people from 100 countries of the world. Weird. Does FIFA really think that in one country there are only 1,000 fans, football fans? These plans are insignificant and scanty. At the moment, FIFA is in the minority. This idea is not popular. Apparently, it will be supported in the same way as the creation of the Super League. Yes, and without the opinion of Europe, the decision will not work.