Italian Football Championship, Serie A 2020/2021

The Italian Championship, aka Seri "A" ("Scudetto") is considered one of the strongest in Europe. According to the rating, it is on the 3rd line, after the championships of Spain ("Primera Division") and England (Premier League).

Series "A" format

Since the 2004/05 season, 20 clubs have taken part in the tournament. The games are divided into two circles. In total, each club needs to play 38 matches. Meetings are held on the opponent's field and in the home arena. For example, if in the first round Juventus played at home against Milan, then in the second - on the field of the former guests.

For a victory, 3 tournament points are awarded. For a draw result - 1 point. Depending on the scored tournament points, the difference between goals scored and missed, the results of the first round and the second, the standings of the Italian Serie "A" are formed.

In case of an equal number of points, the results of personal meetings are taken into account. In this case, attention is drawn to the first and second meeting. A goal on the opponent's field is counted as two. If these indicators are equal, then you need to count the difference between goals scored and conceded.

The team that takes the last place, according to the results of the Italian Serie "A", is moved to the lower division. The club that takes 1st place in the first league will be transferred to Serie A.

In a modern format, the tournament has been held since the 1929/30 season. At the same time, the history of the Italian Championship begins in 1898.

Italian Football Championship 2020/21 season

20 teams take part in the Italian Serie A this season. Favorites, as in the course of many recent years, are:

• Juventus

• Inter (Milan)

• Milan

• Roma

• Napoli

• Lazio

• Atalanta.

The first match of the season was played on September 19, 2020. Two matches took place on the first match day:

1) Fiorentina - Torino;

2) Verona - Roma.

The last match of the first round was played on September 21. Milan hosted Bologna at home. Three meetings were postponed to September 30th. These are: Udinese - La Spezia, Bonevento - Inter (M) and Lazio - Atalanta.

From the first round, Inter showed that they are determined to win the season. In the first match 7 goals were scored. The guests beat Bonevento with the score: 2 - 5.

In general, each team will play 38 meetings per season. A total of 380 games will be played. At the moment, 298 matches have already been played. The leader after 30 rounds is Inter (M). At the moment, the team has scored 74 points.

Milan and Juventus are fighting for the second line. Now the second place belongs to Milan, from the city of the same name. They have 63 points. The third is Juventus. The Turin club scored 62 points.

The first 6 are fighting for the Eurocup zone. Atalanta is in 4th place. She has 61 tournament points.

Napoli is on the 5th line. The team scored 59 points. Lazio is on the 6th place. The team has 55 points. This is despite the fact that they have one game in stock. That is, Lazio played not 30, but 29 meetings.

At the bottom of the standings are three clubs that are candidates for a demotion in the class. After 30 rounds, Crotone takes the last place. The team has only 4 wins and 3 draws. In total, the club was able to score 15 tournament points.

Parma is now in 19th place. The club was able to win 3 matches. 11 games ended in a draw. This brought the team 20 points. Cagliari is in 18th place. The team won 5 times and 7 games ended in a draw. Thanks to this, they were able to score 22 points.

The situation may change in the last rounds. But clubs need victories. In fact, now the loss of points is tantamount to the departure from Serie "A".

Announcement of the 31st round of the Italian Serie A

1. Sampdoria will host Verona at home.

2. Crotone will play with Udinese at home.

3. Sassuolo will host Fiorentina.

4. Cagliari will play against Parma.

5. Milan - Genoa.

6. Bologna - Spice.

7. Atalanta - Juventus. This match can be considered the centerpiece of the round. There are only 2 points between the teams. In case of a victory over Juventus, Atalanta will be able to move up at least 3 lines in the Serie A standings.

8. Lazio will host Bonevento.

9. Torino - will play against Roma.

10. Another important match will be the confrontation between Napoli and Inter (M).

Interestingly, Juventus won Serie A 36 times. He is the current Champion. At the same time, the Turin club took first place for 9 seasons in a row.

Prior to that, Inter Milan had won the tournament 5 times in a row. Now the team has every chance to regain the championship title. Interestingly, Inter and Milan became champions 18 times. Now Internazionale has a chance to come out ahead in this indicator and single-handedly take second place in the race of champions.

Thus, at the moment Inter (M) is confidently moving towards its 19th championship. Juventus, for a long time could not break into the top five. Do not forget that the 5th Napoli has 59 points, which is 4 points less than the 2nd Milan. Even the 6th Lazio has a chance to compete for a place in the TOP-3. Now the team has 55 points, with one game remaining.