Euro2020 group stage: Italy - Wales

In the last round of the group stage, Italy played against Wales. In fact, the fate of the first and second places was decided here. The Italians are not averse to getting out of the group from the first place. Yes, the favorite is unambiguous. Apparently, Italy will be able to score as much as it takes to win. At the same time, it is not a fact that it will miss.

Review of the first half of the match of the 3rd round of the Euro2020 group stage: Italy - Wales

As you might expect, Italy started the game with number one. But the first dangerous moment appeared at the gate of Wales in the 12th minute. But alas, the side judge recorded an offside position. On the 15th minute, the Italian defender Emerson shot into the gate of Wales. But definitely in the hands of the goalkeeper. On the 17th, Toloi hits the pack. Again to no avail.

On the 24th minute, Belotti already punches, but does not fall into the frame. In fact, Wales was only able to respond aggressively in the 27th minute. Gunter was aiming at the near nine. Didn't hit the target. Immediately, Verratti responded with his inaccurate blow. At 30 minutes, Ampadu blocks the blow with his fifth point.

On the 39th minute, the Italians turned their advantage into a goal scored. Distinguished by Matteo Pessina. Italians score quite easily. They confidently took the lead: 1 - 0. The referee did not add a single minute to the first half. Result: Italy's minimum advantage: 1 - 0.

Euro2020 Group Stage 3 Match Round 1 Review: Italy - Wales

The Italians started the match much calmer than their opponents. They were in no hurry, but at the same time, they dominated. On the 53rd minute Bernardeschi breaks free kick. The ball goes straight into the goal post.

At the 55th minute, the Romanian referee shows a straight red card to Ampadu. Wales remains in the minority. Yes, there was a violation. But, as for me, I didn't feel like a red foul. Yellow - yes, it was. But not more. At the same minute, Belotti shoots in the direction of the gate. The dominance of Italy has intensified. On the 58th, Chiesa shoots on target.

On 65 minutes, Belotti shoots very dangerously on target. But the Wales goalkeeper coped with the threat. Immediately after a corner kick, Toloi shoots wide.

All the same, on 76 minutes, Bale was able to break through, but missed the target. Wales sat down on his own half of the field. The coach of the team changes Bale and the team goes into a defensive position. At the 89th minute, Belotti hits the target tightly. The ball flies straight into the hands of the goalkeeper. In the 90th minute, Italian coach Mancini changes the goalkeeper. Sirigu comes out. The arbiter added 3 minutes. On 90 + 2 minutes, Cristante shoots on target. Match result: 1 - 0.

As a result, the Italians are ranked first in the group. They scored 7 goals in 3 matches. At the same time, they did not miss a single one.

Wales, with 4 points, advanced to the playoffs from second place.

In the second match Switzerland beat Turkey with a score: 3 - 1. As a result, Switzerland gains 4 points and takes 3rd place in the group. Total scored / missed: 4 - 5 (-1).

Turkey is in last place. The team lost all 3 matches. The Turks have "0" points.