Goalless match Minaj - Kolos

In the 20th round, Minaj received Kolos in his field. In recent meetings, the guests show a fairly productive football. In the first and only match between these teams ended in a draw. Both teams have scored 2 goals.

Minaj is now in the penultimate place. In the last round, Minaj was able to draw with Mariupol. Kolos continues to fight for the 3rd place in the championship. In the last round, they minimally beat their direct competitor, Zarya (1 - 0).

Review of the UPL match Minaj - Kolos

The first 10 minutes of the meeting passed without dangerous moments. Both teams tried to go over to the attack. But to no avail. On the 11th, Kravchenko gives an excellent pass to Lysenko. The latter punches his head. The rival goalkeeper could not help. But the ball also hits the post. After the rebound, Popovich takes the ball into his hands.

After a dangerous moment, the guests began to play the game more efficiently. Pressing and controlling the ball allowed the game to be shifted to half of the Minai field. It was difficult for the hosts to go on the attack and go to the other side.

Ha 17 minutes Minaj earned a corner. But they could not use the standard. On the 18th minute Kravchenko earns a foul. But Kolos was also unable to convert the free kick. On the 24th minute of the meeting, Lysenko misses his chance. Before him was only Popovich. But the forward could not even break through clearly.

On the 28th minute Kolos hits the target. But here, too, Popovich reacted. He parried a dangerous blow, transferring it to a corner. At 30-1 minutes Kolos earns a free-kick ular. Lysenko breaks through. The attempt to block failed. After 2 ricochets Milko punched. But Popovich, in the fall, takes the ball into his hands.

At 41 and the beginning of 42 minutes, Minai switched to a positional attack. But the hosts failed to strike towards the goal. On this, the events of the first half ended.

On the 48th minute Kozhanov was unable to twist the ball and shoots wide of the goal. On the 49th minute, Petrov knocks down Nureyev. Dangerous standard, a meter away from the penalty area, punches Sakiv. But he could not beat the defenders.

On the 56th minute, Minaev had a 100% chance to open an account. After serving from a corner, the ball flew to Nuriev. He punches with his head, but Volynets could not be beaten. The account is saved.

On the 64th minute, Shinder gives the pass to Nureyev, who hits the target. But the goalkeeper of Kolos was able to hit the ball. On 72 minutes Kozhanov serves, but Lopyrenok misses the ball. At the end of the 75th minute, Nureyev hits 9-ku. But the ball flies over the cross. At the 77th minute of the meeting, Churko prepares to shoot. Matic acts against him. But in the tackle, the defender hits the ball. The referee does not give a penalty.

On 90 minutes Nuriev burst into the penalty area and shoots. But the goalkeeper of Kolos calmly takes the ball into his hands. Unfortunately Kolos did not show a decent game in the second half. Match result: 0 - 0.

Statistics of the match Minaj - Kolos

Ball possession: 45 - 55.

Shots on target: 1 - 2.

Corner: 7 - 5.

Offside: 2 - 2.

Violation of the rules: 10 - 9.

Warnings: 2 - 3.

Goalkeeper saves: 2 - 1.

Thus, Kolos was unable to outplay a team that is fighting to maintain a place in the Premier League. A draw moves the team away from 3rd place. Minaj was able to earn 1 point and strengthen his position at the bottom of the table.

In the next round, Minaj will play on the Ruh field. Outsiders meet. But with such a game as demonstrated by Minaj, the team can count on points. Kolos sets off to play away against Olimpik (Donetsk). As in this meeting, Desna will be the favorite. But he will be able to outplay the opponent, or not, only the game will show.