Euro2020: England - Germany

The penultimate match of 1/8 of the Euro2020 Final may turn out to be tantamount to the final. England is playing against Germany. Interestingly, the British did not concede a single goal in the group stage. The Germans are not reliable in defense. But they can score as much as they need.

Bookmaker quotes for the 1/8 finals of Euro2020: England - Germany

P1: 2.52

W2: 3.15

X: 3.46

TM2.5: 1.86

TB2.5: 2.15

Euro2020 1/8 final match review: England - Germany

Both teams will not rush headlong into the pool. They will play their football, while trying not to take risks. But, as recent meetings show, outsiders win.

Review of the first half of the 1/8 finals of Euro2020: England - Germany

Germany began to be more active. Already in the 4th minute, Goretska shoots on target. In the 8th minute, Germany runs away in a counterattack. Goretska, between two rivals, went to the shock position. Rice grabbed the German's T-shirt with his hand. Foul, yellow card and free kick. But the implementation was not dangerous.

At the 16th minute, Sterling already shoots hard on target. Neuer counters confidently. Maguire, on the 17th minute, after serving from a corner, nailed right into the hands of Neuer.

In the first 20 minutes, it was noticeable that the British were holding the ball more confidently. But without much aggression ahead. At the 27th minute, Maguire shoots wide. On the 32nd minute, Werner entered the shock position, but could not beat Pihward.

At the end of the half, the Germans began to play more actively. They confidently pressed and did not allow the opponent to actively move forward. The arbiter added 1 minute. In the last seconds of the inning, Müller is cut off and the ball goes to Sterling. He brings Kane to strike position. The forward was alone in front of an empty net. But the protection of the Germans was able to neutralize the threat. First half result: 0 - 0.

Review of the second half of the 1/8 finals of Euro2020: England - Germany

The Germans started the second half more actively again. On 48 minutes Havertz shoots on target. Pickford dealt with the danger. In the early 1950s, the Germans pressed the Englishmen to their penalty area. In the 53rd minute, Kane is injured. For a couple of minutes, Kane lay on the lawn, left the field and returned to the game.

After the situation with Kane, the game leveled off. But still, on the 75th minute Raheem Sterling scores a goal against Germany. The British took the lead. Now the Germans need to be as active as possible.

At the 77th minute, Kimih forces Maguire to break on himself. Muller punches and hits the wall. On 81 minutes T. Muller goes on a date with the goalkeeper of England. But he could not hit the target. In the 86th minute, G. Kane makes the score: 2 - 0. Yes, the British win this meeting at their home stadium.

In the 90th minute, Goretska breaks through and not exactly. The arbiter adds 4 minutes. On the 91st Goretska again shoots wide of the gate. After conceding the last goal, the Germans realized that they would not be able to pull out the match. They attacked by inertia. Yes, as if with minimal danger, but still, without a spark. Result of the match: 2 - 0. The Germans leave the tournament.

Leo stops his coaching job at the helm of the German national team. Yes, it turns out that the Bookmakers were right when they gave the minimum advantage to England.