Valdolid - Atlético

In the Spanish Championship, the fight for the championship lasted until the last round. Yes, Barcelona could not hold out in the championship race. But Atletico (Madrid) and Real (Madrid) fought until the last round. The difference between them was 2 points. Atletico in the last round went to solve the championship issue on a visit to Valladolid. Real Madrid hosted Viyarreal at home. Both teams needed to win. At the same time, Real Madrid will expect the defeat of Atlético. Nevertheless, the question of the championship was decided in the Valladolid - Atlético match. The guests were the favorite in the match.

Review of the match La Liga Valladolid - Atlético Madrid

It was not necessary to expect particularly high performance from the match. Bookmakers were leaning towards TM3.

Review of the first half of the Spanish Championship Valladolid - Atlético

In the first seconds, Atletico showed that they only need a victory. All players were determined to fight. The home coach said that his team will need to withstand the first 20 minutes of the match. It will be easier afterwards.

At the 9th minute, Suarez shoots to the side, but not on target of Masipa's goal. The next minute, Tony Villa shoots into the shots of Atlético. The cloud picks up the ball. The first 10 minutes passed in a tight fight. Gradually, Atletico began to increase the severity of the attacks.

On 18 minutes Atletico takes a corner. The hosts not only fought back, but also launched an acute counterattack. Oscar Plano is taken to the race to the gates of Atlético. Running away from the players of the away team, he confidently scores. On the 18th minute, Valladolid takes the lead.

Valladolid continued the onslaught. On 26 Olas shoots on target. True, immediately, on the 27th minute, Jimenez shoots into the home team's target. On 32 minutes, Suarez shoots, but the ball flies away for a corner. Already at the 33rd Filipe shoots past. From 27 to 35 minutes, Valladolid could not even cross the center of the field. At the 38th minute, the hosts brought their positional attack to a shot on target. Sean Weisman punched.

At the end of 45 minutes, Llorente shoots too hard above the Valladolid goal. Added 1 minute to the first half. But it was also unsuccessful. At the break, the teams went with a minimal advantage of Valladolid. Interestingly, Real Madrid also lost 0 - 1 to Villarreal after the first half.

Review of the second half of the Spanish Championship Valladolid - Atlético

In the first minute of the half, Atletico flees into the attack, but the defenders block Suarez's blow. On the 49th minute Llorente breaks through, the ball, "supposedly", gets into the hand of the defender in the penalty area. But the referee's whistle was silent.

On 50 minutes, Jimenez hits his head, but above the gate. On the 52nd minute, Filipe already hits his head, but this time it is higher. The first 10 minutes passed with the full overwhelming advantage of the guests.

On 57 minutes, Angel Correa rammed the defense. In the congestion of several rivals, he was able to break into the corner of the goal. The score was equal.

At 62 minutes, Valladolid had a great moment. But after the first blow, the Cloud saves. After finishing off, the home player breaks above the gate. After conceding the ball, Valladolid's coach saturate the attack line.

On 67 minutes, Suarez scores. Atletico gets it. Now the team does not depend on the result of the game of Real. Although, at the 76th minute of the match, Real continued to lose in the score.

After the second goal, Atletico gives the initiative to the opponent. But Valladolid could not take advantage of the situation. The guests began to play a familiar, defensive game. In the 90th minute, Sergio Guardiola had the only chance. But clumsily struck above. The arbiter added 3 minutes. Match result: 1 - 2.

Thus, Atletico decided its own fate. The team wins in La Liga. Real Madrid, despite the victory, with a score of 2 - 1, remains on the 2nd line. Valladolid fought, but still leaves La Liga. Atletico showed a real championship game. Congratulations to the Atlético (M) team.