Premier League Mariupol - Ingulets

In the 20th round, Mariupol is hosted by Ingulets. As before, the nominal owners play on a neutral field. The match took place in Kharkov. Mariupol lost 6 in the last eight matches, and drew in two matches. In the last two rounds Ingulets defeated Minaj and Alexandria. In these games, the score was the same: 0 - 1. In the first round, Mariupol and Ingulets drew 1 - 1.

Review of the match UPL Mariupol - Ingulets

The first 25 minutes of the meeting passed with a slight advantage of the nominal hosts. Topalov scored twice. But both balls flew into the opponents' goal from offside. Accordingly, they are not counted. He also punched with his head, but the ball flew past the goal. In this, already the third moment, Topalov was again out of the game.

On the 33rd minute of the meeting, Bondarenko receives the ball. Does not hit the target from a scoring position. At 42 minutes of the meeting, Malysh pulled Kulakov's kick. Topalov shot after a rebound, but again wide of the gate. At the 44th minute of the meeting, Kulakov breaks through once again. Higher again.

At the last minute of the first half, Ingulets tried to carry out his attack. But the blow was blocked by the Mariupol defenders. In general, in the first half of the match, Mariupol looked more attractive. The attacks were sharper. Mostly through the left flank. But the effort was zero. This slight advantage turned into a goal. At 45 + 2 minutes of the meeting, Kulakov is knocked down by the Kid in the penalty area. In the last seconds of the time, the referee points to "current". Bondarenko confidently implements the 11-meter.

The first 15 minutes of the second half turned out to be over-productive. On the 46th minute Bondarenko made the score 2 - 0. On the 53rd minute Plokhotnyuk substituted his leg after Kovalenko hit. Ingulets wins back one ball. After 1 minute, Kovalenko himself breaks through with his head and scores under the crossbar. The score becomes equal: 2 - 2. On the 59th minute of the meeting, Semenko filled up Bondarenko in the penalty area. The arbiter does not hesitate to point to the "point". The "victim" himself realized the 11-meter one. Bondarenko scored a hat-trick. Mariupol again took the lead: 3 - 2.

At the 67th minute of the meeting, Stasyuk takes the ball after a cross. He shoots past 4 opponents. Mariupol took the lead again with a 2 goal difference. Later the game calmed down. Ingulets tried to impose a fight. But the matter did not come to an exact decisive blow. There was a dangerous moment at the 81st minute. But Shevchuk was unable to quickly turn around and score. The ball flew to the corner. On 84 minutes Mariupol changes the game scheme. They sank into defense. We started to play according to the scheme: 5 - 4 - 1.

On the 87th minute of the meeting Ingulets earns a penalty. This time the goalkeeper of Mariupol fouled. For a violation, he receives a yellow card. The arbiter pointed to the "dot". The 11-meter one is confidently performed by Shevtsov. The bill is reduced to a minimum. Mariupol wins 4 - 3. On 90 + 3 minutes Kovalenko shoots on target, but Kudrik takes the ball into his hands. On 90 + 5 minutes Chebotenko hits his head, but misses the gate. The final result of the match: 4 - 3 in favor of Mariupol.

Match statistics for Premier League Mariupol - Ingulets

Ball possession: 56 - 44

Shots towards the goal: 12 - 10.

Shots on target: 6 - 5.

Out of the game: 3 - 2.

Corner: 4 - 3.

Warnings: 5 - 4.

Red cards: 0 - 0.

Thus, Mariupol is gaining the long-awaited three points. In the next round, Mariupol will play against Shakhtar Donetsk. Ingulets will meet with Luhansk Zorya on a visit. In these meetings, today's rivals will have little chance of winning.