Manchester City and Chelsea hold a dress rehearsal for the Champions League final

In the 35th round of the English Championship, Manchester City hosted Chelsea. Fans described the match as a kind of rehearsal for the Europa League final. Little can be said about the match. Man City is just three steps away from the league title in England. The hosts miss a little. Guests are fighting for the Champions League zone. In fact, it is for Chelsea that the game turns out to be important. They need to earn three points. The hosts remained the favorite.

Review of the first half of the match Manchester City - Chelsea

The start of the match took place in an equal fight. At 4 minutes, Torres doesn’t hit accurately. At 8 minutes, Mendy shoots wide of the gate. On the 15th minute there was a cross from Chelsea, but the Man City goalkeeper played reliably. At the 17th minute, the home player kicks, the ball is blocked and flies away for a corner. After noon, Ake kicks higher.

The first 30 minutes passed in an equal fight. This was evident even in the percentage of possession of the ball: 50 - 50. High pressure and reliable defense of the teams did not allow the attacking players to carry out a sharp, effective attack.

On the 32nd minute, after active actions, Chelsea scores. But Werner was out of the game. The goal was not awarded. On the 43rd minute, Rudiger could not beat the goalkeeper Man City. Instantly the owners went to the counter attack. Thanks to the mistake of the Chelsea players, Raheem Sterling is taken to the shock position. He calmly scores into an empty net. Man City took the lead. On 45 + 2 minutes, the Chelsea defense fouls Jaejus. The referee pointed to the 11-meter mark. Aguero came up to the ball. He could not beat the Chelsea goalkeeper. The account remained unchanged. The result of the first half of the match Manchester City - Chelsea: 1 - 0.

Review of the second half of the match Manchester City - Chelsea

It was the Chelsea players who started. In the second half, the guests were more active. They were in control of the ball. But there were no dangerous moments. Sometimes there were slight difficulties, but the defense of Man City coped. The blows did not fly on target.

Chelsea turned their advantage into a goal. On 63 minutes Ziyech scores. He hit hard with the bottom right up to the stance. Guardiola tried to put the squeeze on the opponent. He makes several replacements. Releases attacking players.

On 78 minutes Zhizhus shifted and shot near the goal post. In the 80th minute, Chelsea scores, but the referee fixes the offside position. At 81 minutes Chelsea scores again. The referees found an offside position. The goal is canceled. The score remained equal. At the 88th minute, Zuma knocks down Zhijus. But the 11-meter referee does not appoint. On the 89th minute, Alonso tried to throw the goalkeeper of Man City, but missed the target.

At 90 + 2 minutes, Alonso takes Chelsea ahead. In this confrontation, Manchester City could not beat Chelsea. Moreover, at home. Result of the match Manchester City - Chelsea: 1 - 2. At the same time, it was an excellent scouting "fight" before the final match of the Champions League, where these teams will meet again this season.