Akhmat - Ufa /// Sochi - Lokomotiv

Today, April 7, the first matches of the Russian Football Cup were played. In one match, the intrigue was minimal. The second meeting was supposed to be mega intense and interesting.

Sochi - Lokomotiv

In this confrontation, bookmaker quotes were almost equal. On the victory of the guests could be bet with odds. 2.95. The fact is that Sochi has not been showing high-quality and efficient football lately.

In the first half, Lokomotiv dominated. Although the advantage was not very pronounced, the team still controlled the course of the meeting. The advantage was converted into a goal scored only on the 44th minute of the meeting. Smolov, after serving Chorluka, opens the score in the match. The first half ended with a minimal advantage for the guests.

In the second half, in the 50th minute, Zaika saw a second yellow in front of him, which instantly turned into red. Sochi remained in the minority. In fact, this already 80% guaranteed the guests a victory.

On 63 minutes Smolov made a double. He scores after a pass to Rybus. Thus, the score becomes 0 - 2. But the owners did not want to give up. Even in the minority, Sochi was able to score a goal. In the 70th minute, Zabolotny scores a goal against Lokomotiv. Tsallagov became an assistant.

The game continued on a collision course. Gradually the match was coming to an end. The arbiter added 5 minutes to the regular time. In the last seconds of the match, the Sochi goalkeeper went into the penalty area of ​​Lokomotiv. The goalkeeper is serving a dangerous cross. Krykhovyak picks up the ball and immediately passes the ball to Kamano. The attacking player of Lokomotiv receives the ball in his own half of the field. He ran the whole field and calmly scores the third goal into an empty net.

Thus, Lokomotiv beats Sochi with a score of 1 - 3. Lokomotiv reaches the semifinals of the Russian Cup.

Akhmat - Ufa

In this meeting, bookmakers preferred Akhmat. It was possible to bet on the victory of the hosts with the odds of 1.72.

In the first half, Akhmat showed that he is ready to fight and confirm the status of the favorite. Ufa showed practically nothing in the first half. In fact, Akhmat's collar was gradually freezing and bored.

At the beginning of the 2nd half, at 55 minutes, Akhmat takes the lead. The goal was scored by Harin. After that, the hosts deliberately gave the ball to the opponent. But Ufa, it seemed, did not know how to dispose of the game advantage.

In this regard, Akhmat did not stand on ceremony and did not hesitate to go on the attack. Positional attacking actions led to the emergence of dangerous moments at the gate of the guests. At the 77th minute, Harin was changed to Angel. Thus, focusing on defense.

The last 20 minutes of the match Ufa tried to recoup. At the same time, Akhmat had a very sharp contract. Ultimately, the hosts were able to secure an important victory and reach the semifinals of the Russian Cup. The score of the match Akhmat - Ufa: 1 - 0.

Thus, Akhmat and Lokomotiv became the first semifinalists.