Alexandria hosted Dynamo in the 20th round of the Premier League

In the 20th round, Alexandria hosts Dynamo. The leader of the championship moves through the standings without defeat. The hosts have a chance to catch on to the Euro Cups. In particular, for the Europa League zone. Tsygankov will not play for Dynamo. In the last face-to-face meeting, Dynamo beat Alexandria with a minimum score of 1 - 0.

Review of the match UPL Alexandria - Dynamo (C)

The beginning showed that the guests are counting only on victory. At the 8th minute of the meeting, Karavaev breaks through. The ball hits the crossbar. Buyalsky re-punches. But alas, it was not possible to complete the super ms. De Pena does not score on the 11th minute.

From the first minutes Alexandria played on counterattacks. This tactic brought results in the 8th minute. Kovalets throws the ball under Sitalo's shot. The attacker shoots the gate. Buschan was powerless. The hosts took the lead.

On the 23rd minute, De Pena shoots from afar. Pankiv takes the ball into his hands. At the 30th minute of the meeting, Tretyakov intercepts the ball. Serves into the penalty area. The second time the ball hits the player of Alexandria. After the impact, he flies into the sky, over the crossbar. On the 32nd minute of the meeting, the ball hits Miroshnichenko's hand. The arbitrators decided to reconsider the moment. There was a VAR in this match, Viewing the moment confirmed the hand play. The arbiter points to the "point". On the 35th minute of the meeting, the 11-meter kick was realized by Shaparenko. After this scoring, controversial moment, the Kievites tried to put the squeeze on the opponent, but this did not happen. The teams left for the break when the score was 1 - 1.

Oddly enough, but the beginning of the second half turned out to be equal. The teams played on a collision course. Neither team had an advantage. And there were no dangerous moments. On 54 minutes, Carlos de Pena breaks through, but not very accurately.

On 56 minutes Karavaev shoots on target. The goalkeeper of Alexandria coped with this shot. Instantly Dynamo took the game into their own hands. Until 57 minutes, the guests did not retreat from the opponent's penalty area. That is, before the violation against the Dynamo player. This foul caused the Alexandria coach to be unhappy. He actively began to teach referees. For this, Sharan receives a red card.

At the same time, Dynamo starts massive attacks and active pressure. The pressure is increasing. On 62 minutes, Luchkevich made a cross. There was no one to close the transmission. In the first seconds of 64 minutes, Karavaev scores the 2nd goal. In this case, the goalkeeper of Alexandria made a mistake. After some deliberation, the referee decided to resort to the help of the GAR. After a detailed examination of the situation, Krivushkin canceled the goal. The score remains equal: 1 - 1.

At the 77th minute Shaparenko shoots, but the home goalkeeper pulls the ball out from under the bar. Within 2 minutes Dynamo staged a real assault. But the ball did not hit the goal. On 82 minutes Mikolenko goes on a date with the goalkeeper of Alexandria from an acute angle. Pankiv went to the meeting and neutralized the dangerous moment.

Rodrigues scored in the 90th minute of the meeting. He shot hard into the near corner. Judging by the blow, he simply “punched” the goalkeeper. Pankiv was unable to reflect the strongest blow of the opponent. Dynamo comes forward.

Due to the numerous stops, Krivushkin adds 5 minutes to the second half. During this time, not a single dangerous moment occurred at the teams' gates. Match result: 1 - 2.

Statistics of the match Alexandria - Dynamo

Ball possession: 41 - 59

Shots on target: 1 - 5.

Corner: 2 - 6.

Offside: 2 - 4.

Violation of the rules: 18 - 12.

Warnings: 1 - 3.

Goalkeeper saves: 3 - 0.

With great difficulty Dynamo wins the away match against Alexandria. The gained three points bring the team closer to the championship title. In the 21st round, Dynamo will host Dnipro-1. The future rival is now on the move. This will be the centerpiece of the tour. Alexandria will play away against the Desna.